ABC TV Show “Wicked City” had a bad response

ABC’s drama is always known for their creativity and originality but this time one of the popular series is facing a bit rough time. ABC drama Wicked City faces a slippery but exciting tale of chaos, homicide, and provoked hair set that lies around the time of 1980s Los Angeles. With a stable and long run to be expected by the network no doubt there hopes are dangling now.

ABC TV Show “Wicked City” had a bad response

Instead of being a huge success and big strike, it’s appeared that the ABC drama Wicked City on the other hand is exactly an over boiled and under baked mixture of other works. According to the public opinion that is appearing like a play like a lengthy commercial of 1980s edition.

Ed Westwick also known as the Gossip Girl’s Chuck Bass plays a role of an impeccable serial killer named Kent Grainger. This killer has quite a fascination with a taste for reputation and a charm for dead women.

Jeremy Sisto is playing as Detective Jack Roth who’s passionate with catching Kent with the aid of his media reporter or new partner Paco and that was played by Gabriel Luna and determined young reporter Karen is Taissa Farmiga.

This is not a season that can be simply recommended to anyone as it has some twists but not good punches in the story. But still if you’re interested or just do not want to go for all the trouble of watching entire episode there is classified information all the worst things about the show.

Starting with the Wicked City claiming a strong cast involving Sisto, Farmiga, Erika Christensen and the rest of the crew but it gives them a little edge to work and make a story.

Sisto is the extremely tired cop with the chip on his shoulder and many secret and deep sins he didn’t want hos his crazy family to know about while Farmiga is burdened with that weakest of her carrier roles which is the over-thinking wishful music journalist.

The season 1 episode 1 shows very bold seen with no story line and very weak writing script. Wicked City up till now can be seen as a recreated mix up of technical interspersed plot with self-consciously 1980 facts.

There is nothing new in this season and the same pitch was already presented in numerous seasons. There are already shows running like this and they are so much better. It is difficult to say what Wicked City has to add in this line.

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