Regular Maintenance And Gas Filling Keeps The Air Conditioner In Good Shape

AC Gas Filling – Ours is a hot and humid climate, homes and offices cannot do without air-conditioners.

Ac Gas Filling

To avoid the scorching summer, you need to chill putting the AC on. However, not knowing properly how to handle the air-conditioner can become risky. This article details how to maintain it.

The regular maintenance is a little caution and systematic effort to keep the AC clean and clutter-free.

The Air Filters Should Be Cleaned Up Once A Week.

Air filter with dirt and clutters jeopardize the flow of healthy air and reduce down the ability of the AC to work properly. The dirty filter sends dirt to the coils and makes them unclean. The regular cleaning of filters make the AC dirt-free and helps in keeping the air crisp and fresh.

Clean The Coils Once In Six Months

Even if the filters remain clean, some dirt, loose hair, and go-to fur clog the coils. The more the clogs are soiled, the lesser becomes the capacity to absorb heat. Thus the process of the cooling becomes reduced. Biyearly maintenance of cleaning the coils will keep the AC in the best condition.

Biyearly Maintenance Of The Condenser Fan Is Necessary

The condenser fan stays outside the room and hence catches the most of dirt and debris. This may soil the condenser coils in turn. Also, the dust of the condenser fans makes it difficult for the room air to pass outside. This, in turn, harms the condenser coil and the compressor. Clean the condenser fan bi-yearly or even monthly to keep the AC functioning in the best of form.

Cleaning Of The Coil Fins Regularly

The coil fins are on the condensers and evaporator coils. It should be cleaned along with the reels to keep the evaporator and condenser in good form.

The Rear Drain Needs To Be Kept Out Of Clog

If there is blockage of the rear drain due to dirt, water gets collected which finds no space to escape and drips in the room. It also increases the level of humidity in the room and harms the AC machine functioning.

Cover The Compressor Unit When Not Using For Long.

During the cold months when the AC is not in use, the compressor unit which is placed outside the room should be covered to keep it away from dust and clogging.

AC Gas Filling Must Be Done On Regular Intervals.

For this, you must better call a technician but here is how the AC gas is filled in the Air conditioner. The AC gas can give frostbite and is toxic. So there must be enough precaution to supply the Air Conditioner gas. Be cautious that the technician wears gloves and protective glasses for the eye before filling the AC gas. The required equipment is a Vacuum pump within four horsepower, AC manifold gauge set, and the refrigerant.

How AC Gas Filling Is Done.

At first, the suction line is located on the lower side, along with the discharge line that remains higher. While the suction line is colder to touch, the discharge line is warm. One recharges the AC gas through the suction line. The bolts of the suction line must be unscrewed with a Torx hex key. The screw must be loosened to let the AC gas filling be done.

The bolt-on the left must be removed and connected to the hose of the AC manifold gauge to the port from where the bolt has been removed. Then the other hose must be connected to the vacuum pump. All Air should be pumped out from the system to prevent moisture inside which may damage the compressor.

One must be sure that the valves have been closed in the manifold gauge of the Air Conditioner. The yellow-colored hose should be connected to the tank of the refrigerant. Before the tank knob is opened, the yellow hose should be very slightly loosened at the manifold end. Just for one second the cylinder knob should be opened and closed to remove all the dirt and air from the pipes.

Now is the time for the compressor to start. The lower side knob should be opened for four to five seconds and closed. The AC must be turned on, and the compressor will start. Once it has started, again the manifold valve at the lower side must be opened for five seconds and then closed for two to three seconds. The pressure will rest on the gauge when the valve is closed. This will be repeated until the PSI shows the sign between sixty to seventy. This is how gas filling in AC is done. AC gas filling charges are quite reasonable. Search four to five vendors in your locality to give you the best option.

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