6 Times When You Must Wash Your Hands

What if we tell you that right now you have over five thousand germs on your hands? Right, five thousand. Sounds unbelievable to you, right? Well, it’s understandable as you can’t see them. However, trust us, if you could see them, you wouldn’t stop washing your hands with Dettol hand wash.

Dettol hand wash

Take our word for it – just because they aren’t visible, doesn’t mean they are not there. Keeping the dreadful situation in mind, here are six times when you must not skip washing your hands – at any cost. 

Right Before Eating

You are working on an important project, and your mom calls you for dinner. You start gobbling the food without washing your hands because they don’t look dirty to you. What if we tell you that along with the bite of chapati you just popped thousands of germs? Yes, you read it right. These germs can make you really sick and even lead to conditions like diarrhoea. So, make it a point of washing your hands or disinfecting them using a Dettol hand sanitizer before you sit down for any meal. 

After Using the Restroom

The restroom might appear squeaky clean to you, but there are millions of bacteria and germs breeding on the door, doorknobs, sink, tissues and almost everywhere. How? Right after you defecate and flush, germ-filled droplets are splashed all over the bathroom. So, unless you want to leave the bathroom with germs on your hands, make sure you give your hands a proper wash. Don’t forget to use Dettol hand wash to remove 99.9% of germs from your hands. 

After You Blow Your Nose, Sneeze or Cough

Though this one goes without saying, we all have the habit of grabbing a tissue to wipe hands and getting back to work. Thanks to the habit, germs on the hands are conveniently spreading onto everything we touch. Thus, infecting the surrounding and making others sick. So, every time you blow, cough or sneeze, cover your nose and mouth with hand or sleeve. Furthermore, when blowing your nose, use a tissue or hanky. Once done, wash your hands with a hand wash or clean using a hand sanitizer.

After You Empty the Trash Bin

When kept for more than three days, garbage starts to decompose. Even though you line the garbage bin with a poly bag, germs are bound to travel to your hands. Either you can wear latex gloves to keep your hands away from getting infected, or you can wash your hands using a hand wash. However, to be on the safer side, it is advisable to wash your hands every time you touch the trash bin. 

After Playing with Your Fur Buddy

It might be a stress reliever for you to play with your fur buddy after a long and tiring day. However, you must know that they carry a number of germs. So, after every play session and every time your hands get a big lick, make a point of giving your hands a thorough wash. From the back of the hands to the fingernails, don’t forget any area. 

Before Preparing Meals

Do you want those five thousand germs in your food? No, right? So, every time you enter the kitchen, clean your hands using Dettol hand wash before you reach the refrigerator to take out veggies. Doing this, you are keeping yourself and your family’s health in check. 

Keeping hand hygiene in check is one of the most vital steps you can take to avoid germs, getting sick and spreading germs. Many diseases are spread by not following proper hand washing steps. If washing hands is not an option, use Dettol hand sanitizer for instant sanitization. 

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