Adele Adorns the Latest Issue of Vogue

The British singer Adele, reveals in the accompanying interview that her life has changed in so many ways.

Adele Adorns the Latest Issue of Vogue

On the new cover of Vogue, Adele shows off a tattoo of the name of her son. She looks stunning in her rosy complexion accentuated by a dark, classy Burberry dress. Her signature heavy eye makeup and heavily done hair are absent in the picture. The star revealed that it takes her team of makeup artists more than two hours to prep her.

The famous songstress says in the interview that her life has changed in so many ways. Yet it is still the same and that it is the reason for her not being afraid. This is probably with reference to the awesome success if her latest album 25.

Another thing that Adele likes about her career is that her team is still the same as before which means that all of them have shared the same experiences since the beginning. In Adele’s opinion, when someone keeps getting bigger and bigger, they would usually get proportionately lonely. But this does not happen when a person has so many people around them.

Adele also said that her favorite song from her latest album is the single ‘When We Were Young.’ In her opinion, the son g is a kind of letter to herself. It is about regrouping since she and her friends have been dispersed, yet all of them still love each other.

Adele is a British singer and songwriter. She graduated from the BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology in 2006. Her debut album titles 10 was released in 2008 which became an instant hit both commercially and critically becoming a seven times certified platinum album within the UK, and double platinum in America.

Her career in America received a boost when she made an appearance on Saturday Night Live in 2008. Her latest album ‘25’ is her third studio album. It was released in November 2015. The album is titled as a reflection of her own life and her frame of mind as she turns 25.

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