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If you have a game room, then one of the things that shouldn’t be missing in it is an air hockey table. Air hockey is a game that is loved by people regardless of their age. 

Trust us when we say that an air hockey table (You can see examples at Watson’s air hockey tables) are great at adding the “wow” element to a game room. But the thing is how do you choose a table that will fit perfectly in your game room? 

Well, this buying guide is here to help you every step of the way. Below, we will share some important factors that you have to consider before you buy an air hockey table. 

1. Size of the Table

One of the first and most important things you need to bear in mind as you go shopping is the table’s size. The regulation size for these tables is 4ft wide and 8ft long. This size is typically for pro players; however, you can still use this size for commercial purposes. If you have a table this size, you could even host tournaments in your establishment. 

2. Appearance

There are several air hockey tables in the market made by several brands, all of which are specially designed to look as unique as possible. This is why you need to think about what you want your table to look like. 

The table’s appearance should be able to fit into the overall design and style of where you’d station it. For instance, you can choose one with a flashy design and bright colors if you want it for an arcade. Similarly, you can choose one made with polished sleek wood for a more sophisticated and classy game room. 

There are several styles available out there, so we bet you won’t have a hard time finding one that will fit your game room or home’s existing décor

3. Small Pucks vs. Large Pucks

Aside from the table’s size, you also have to consider the size of the puck. The puck may either be small or large. 

Smaller pucks tables typically come with fans powerful enough to lift smaller pucks, whereas, the fans for big puck tables are more powerful. 

To help you make a better choice, think about the people that will play the game. If the players will be young teens and children, then small pucks will do just fine. Visit to learn tips to teach kids how to play air hockey. Because tables designed for small pucks are used casually, it’s more affordable than its counterpart.

If you’d have older players using the table, then a small puck might not cut it. This is because if the older player hits the puck too hard, it just might fly outside the table. 

So, in this case, you’d have to spend a little more on a table for large pucks. While they may be more expensive, they are very durable and should last for years, even in commercial establishments.

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4. Manual vs. Digital Scoring

Another thing you have to consider is how scores will be kept. Some tables have digital scoring. This counts all the goals that are scored from the start of the game to the end. 

Other tables have a tool to keep the scores manually, like a whiteboard or an abacus. Some people like to manually keep the scores because this gives them some freedom that digital scoring doesn’t. For instance, they can discard accidental goals, or even make house rules. 

However, if your priority is to make playing the game easy, then digital scoring would be better suited for you. 

5. Lighting

One common feature these tables have is overhead lighting. This feature makes it possible for players to play even when the room is dimly lit. It also makes the table appear elevated. 

Sometimes, this feature may come with other special features such as black lighting which allows pucks and paddles to glow when it is dark. Some extra features can even make the table light up underneath. While the paddles and pucks of some individually light up. The option you choose should ultimately be based on your preference. 

6. Materials

You have to make sure that you buy a table made with top-notch materials to ensure durability. When checking the materials, these are some important things to look at: 

  • The table’s rink walls face impacts repeatedly during games. Therefore, look for rink walls made with high-density nylon or aluminum 
  • Ensure the playfield has a wear-resistant laminate coat, this will significantly increase durability 
  • Check the motor to be sure it has the UL seal. This way you can be sure it’ll run safely. Read this article to learn more about the UL. 
  • Finally, ensure the legs are made with steel or solid wood to make sure the table has enough support 


Getting an air hockey table for your home or game room can positively change the room’s appearance. If it’s for a commercial establishment, then it can attract a lot of players to your establishment. But before you go to the store or online to get one of these, you need to consider all of the factors discussed in this article. This way, you’d most likely make the best choice.

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