5 Survival Tips for Hodophiles During Pandemic

Staying in extended isolation, quarantine and lockdown have made many reconsider if time truly is an illusion. Days and time spent in the pandemic is nothing less than a series of monotonous, soul-draining nightmares, coming to haunt us afresh every day.

pandemic Survival

Suddenly finding ourselves trapped inside with access to only essentials has been a tough pill to swallow. Especially when your wanderlust makes you reminisce on all the missed holiday plans, life can feel pretty gloomy. Tragically, it seems unlikely that we’ll be free from our isolated existence anytime soon, as COVID-19 continues to spread and multiply at an ever-alarming rate. So, to cope with this daunting reality, below are some helpful tips for maintaining your sanity and keeping the boredom at bay.

1. Expand Your Horizons

Even these trying times cannot fade human’s innate need for constant change and improvement, so tap into that. For instance, being an employee, you can try to reach outside your comfort level to facilitate your organization’s success. It will help if you focus on self-growth to make your work and personal lives more meaningful.

Expand your mind, not with psychedelic drugs but with knowledge. There will never be a more calming and quieter time than now to pick up those old reads you gave up on because you were busy. Travel enthusiasts can research all about their bucket list travel destinations or anywhere else that piques their curiosity. 

Take benefit of the plentiful archives of audiobooks and podcasts available online. The visual learners can try watching YouTube travel vlogs and follow others on their adventures the world over. Though unconventional, these methods can still increase your knowledge and ensure you’re ready when it’s go-time again!

2. Upgrade Your Skillset

Humans were born to explore, some more than others. So, if your wanderlust keeps distracting you, try learning a new skill. Many websites are now offering various online courses covering data science, graphic design, digital marketing, etc. 

Moreover, many universities offer free/paid online courses that can add to your resume’s qualifications. You can enroll in a travel and tourism degree, kick boredom and capitalize on your interests simultaneously. Always wanted to learn Chinese but never had the time to commit? Apps like Duolingo make it easier to understand complex languages and help keep track of daily progress. Have you never baked sourdough bread before? Now is the best time to polish your baking skills and surprise your friends with a fresh batch of cookies the next time they come over.

3. Get Organized

Depending on how you organize it, your home can either be a calming sanctuary from the world’s chaos or something you avoid going back to. Choose the former and utilize your free time in the lockdown to create a more soothing living abode for yourself. You can start little such as simple de-cluttering or go big with overall home decoration. 

Reorganize your wardrobe, get rid of everything you’ve been hoarding, and arrange your haphazard drawers. Delve into your suitcases and bag pockets and throw out the unnecessary receipts, travel tickets, and tags. Some of us like to carry around different currencies. It’s also a good idea to label them and organize them country-wise. You can even make a small travel cabinet and put all your travel stuffs such as currencies, cards, souvenirs, travel plugs, and luggage bags in one place.

By doing so, you can minimize your everyday stressors and enjoy the peace that simplicity brings.

4. Stream to Your Heart’s Content

Some of us have never experienced such an appetite for creativity, expression, and virtual exploration as during the pandemic. Perhaps, established authors conducting online book discussions and leading chefs teaching culinary wisdom on their Instagram are truly the saviors of our time.

It sucks to be home alone, but it also gives you the chance to dance as you’ve never danced before. So, go ahead and play that upbeat playlist, get groovy, and kick the isolation blues. You can even watch live feeds like Gentoo Penguin cams, the Northern Lights watch, and NASA’s latest launches on the red planet. Experiencing the natural elements and wildlife in such depth can bring you a sense of belongingness to the real world.

Perhaps you prefer some culture, then guided tours of the American Museum of Natural History Museum can be your thing. Another way to cure your wanderlust is to have an international film marathon and experience the seven seas from your couch.

5. Shake It Up

It’s difficult to feel inspired or energetic enough to leave your couch when the world around you crashes down. Yet, however harrowing it may seem at the time, regular exercise will do wonders for your long-term physical and mental well-being. Keeping your local lockdown regulations in mind, try going jogging at the park. You can even walk your pets around the neighborhood and get some much-needed fresh air. 

In A Nutshell

The COVID-19’s impact has left the majority of the world’s population reeling. Though the magnitude of the individual loss differs, most of us are grieving over something. Some are getting over their loved one’s passing, and some over the loss of employment. For the privileged among us who can prioritize other things, this pandemic is the chance to break out of comfort zones and learn to cope with misfortunes. This article discussed some tips for wanderlust-stricken souls to survive these challenging times. These include learning new skills, getting organized, and taking advantage of virtual content.

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