AirAsia Jetliner descends thousands of feet in midair during flight from Perth

Hysteria and panic as AirAsia flight nosedives thousands of feet without warning

AirAsia Jetliner descends thousands of feet in midair during flight from Perth

Jetliner descends

A jetliner dropped more than 24,000 feet when the air pressure of the cabin was suddenly lost during a flight from Australia to the island of Bali. The AirAsia flight to Bali was scheduled on Sunday.

As the AirAsia flight plummets, all the people on board the airliner described the scene as extremely panicked. The flight crew immediately announced an emergency. The oxygen masks dropped from the roof of the plane.

Panicked flight crew

One of the passengers on board the AirAsia flight to Bali, Clare Askew told news reporters that the staff of the airline had also panicked. They were all apparently shocked and tearful.

The same passenger further added that the travelers were expecting reassurance and support from the crew but they did not get it. In fact, the passengers of AirAsia flight plane were more terrified when they saw the crew in such a state. It only added to their worry.

Another passenger Chris Jeanes told a news channel that the crew ran towards the aisle while shouting hysterically that it was an emergency and all the passengers should brace for the crash positions. This happened less than half an hour after the flight took off from the Australian city of Perth.

Proposal amid chaos

Jeanes had been planning to propose to his girlfriend once they had landed in Bali, however, he took the opportunity to make the proposal during the emergency situation as he took off his oxygen mask. Fortunately, the girl said yes. Once on the ground, they reconfirmed their commitment to one another.

AirAsia announced through its official statement that the pilot of the AirAsia flight had turned back owning to a technical issue with the plane. The safety of the passengers being his first and foremost priority.

However, the airline further said that its pilots are trained for safe landings and complying with the SOPs. The airily is committed to the safety of its passengers and will continue to adhere to the best safety standards.

Further investigation

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) has announced that it is investigating into the incident and how the airliner’s cabin depressurized at such a high altitude.

The AirAsia flight rapidly went down thousands of feet, almost 29,000, in a span of only nine minutes. The officials at Perth airport told news channels that emergency services were ready to deal with any kind of situation.

AirAsia has been asked to share about what actually occurred on board the flight.

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