All You Need To Know About How to Split Oversized PST File

Do you want to know how to split an oversized PST file? If yes, then continue reading the blog as we have discussed the reasons why does a user split oversized PST file and what are the ways to split an Outlook PST file. We have further mentioned the best and safest way to split an oversized PST file. Most of the users find it daunting to split an oversized or large PST file, however, it is an easy task if the users use a professional and secure tool. 

Why Does a User Split Oversized PST Files?

  • Oversized or large PST files can cause many errors such as slow down the performance of Outlook or the corruption of data.
  • Oversized PST files can damage the data.
  • When a user accidentally deletes the emails while reducing the file size of a PST file.

The above are some of the reasons why a user splits an oversized PST file. It is always a better idea to use an automated tool that ensures a 100 % positive result.

How Can a User Split a PST File?

The user can easily break Outlook PST files by using the two methods, that is:

  1. Using the Manual Way
  2. Using A Reliable Automatic Tool

The manual approach is not a reliable way so we suggest you pick the right automated tool that will break the oversized PST file without corrupting it. It is a risky way and can cause data loss so we suggest you go for a professional and secure way. We advise you to opt for KDETools  PST Splitter. The splitter successfully splits large or oversized Outlook PST files into smaller parts.

Use KDETools PST Splitter to Split Oversized PST File

We recommend our readers to use KDETools PST Splitter to split an oversized file as it is a safe method and ensures a positive result. The tool allows users to split any PST file size as there are no restrictions. The users can split the desired PST items by using the ‘Selective Items’ feature. The software can split any PST file like orphaned, encrypted, password-protected, damaged, and etc. safely.

Prominent Features of KDETools PST Splitter

The advanced PST Splitter can easily break the oversized or large Outlook file without losing data.

The tool has a feature, ‘Selective File’ that enables the user to select the files.

By using the demo edition, the user can break 30 PST files before buying it.

The efficient PST Splitter has a wide range of features, that enables the user to break numerous PST files into one.


In this blog, we have mentioned the common reasons why does a user breaks Outlook PST files and why the manual approach is not the best option to break oversized or large PST files. We advise you to go for KDETools PST Splitter tool instead of using the manual approach.

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