Alleged Punching at Miami Night Club

A new incident came into light when it was heard through different sources that RAP Mogul Diddy put rising star Drake in his place, after he supposedly punched the young rap artist in a fight over money at a nightclub.

At start this was spread as a rumor in the industry and yet cannot be confirmed by any proper source. So something happened at that nightclub that triggered a quarrel but Diddy punched Drake was not confirmed so it was appeared or told as allegedly beating. Both rap stars were at the ill-famed LIV nightclub in Miami, where the fight happened at 4am outside the popular venue.There were some witness happened to be there.

Alleged Punching at Miami Night Club


Witnesses told The New York Daily News that Diddy, aka Sean Combs allegedly punched Drake, 28, outside the Fountainbeau hotel. According to Bullet magazine editor Ray LeMoine, who had been partying at the club.

“Drake definitely got the beating and shit kicked out of him,” He said he received text messages from people who were there.“I heard they were taking him to the hospital.” gossips the fight was activated by Drake insulting Diddy by using music without permission, and Diddy opposed Drake just outside the club.

According to TMZ: “Diddy had his security walk over to Drake’s table and let them know that Diddy wanted to talk to him outside around 4am,”. It was also told by a club insider to the New York Daily News.

Diddy said, “You will never disrespect me” … and then allegedly punched him. claims that Diddy flung just one punch, parting Drake shocked, but not bashed out.

Another source tells the entire other statement as one witness told The New York Daily News that Diddy punched him three times.

It is unstated that the fight was over in around 20 minutes, and Drake gone the scene as Diddy returned to club and sustained to party at a V. I. P booth.

Other sources have optionalstatement as the fight was sparked by Drake, who allegedly made an aggressiveremark to Diddy’s girlfriend, “Let’s Get Crazy” singer Cassie Ventura, but this could not be confirmed.

Diddy and Drake were at the club rejoicing DJ Khalid’s birthday with Lil Wayne and other visitors before the fight destitute out.

The level of Drake’s injuries could not be directlyconfirmed, nor if he went to hospital and how long he remained there. This all was twisty story with many alleged things happened there.

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