Amaze the Guru with Some Unique Gift Ideas

Who does not have those nostalgic memories from their childhood, celebrating Teacher’s Day? Well, every one of us has and these memories will get clearer with every passing year. Now, that you are a grown-up, you might have moved outside your hometown and thus might have moved away from your lovely teachers.

Teachers Day Mug Gift ideas

Worry no more as numerous courier services that run across the country would help you get your love and concern delivered at your favourite teacher’s doorstep. Here is a list of 6 gifting ideas that would certainly fit the best for the teacher.

  • Doodle Mug- Present your professor with a coffee mug that either speaks his mind or his imagination. Get the mug doodled with lovely objects or maybe your professor’s favourite quote that he believes the most.
  • Felt Letter Board- Well, all the teachers across the globe have to write on the board with chalk, to teach their lessons. In such a situation, gifting them a felt board would help them stay motivated at themselves. Let your teacher add some fun in their life with this felt board.
  • Be You Paperweight- Buy your teacher a paperweight that has a quote on it. This preset would be a unique idea that will get appreciation from your teacher. Get this personalized gift for the Guru, who helped you lessen the study burden during school days.
  • A Quirky Tote Bag- Get your hands on a tote bag that have quirky motifs on it and an equally quirky one-liner that compliments your teacher’s personality. Get anything customized on the bag and present her with a smile, we promise she would love it.
  • Bake Them Love- This idea would go well only if you are in the same city as your lecturer. Bake anything to them from choco fudge too, choco lava cake. Decorate your baked food with ultimate care and get it delivered at your lecturer’s doorstep. This surprise gift for them would be a great gesture, that helps them know their value to you.
  • Fridge Magnet- What better than a small and sweet fridge magnet that they can put on their fridge to enhance the beauty of it. Get a good quote printed on it or maybe their picture and you are done. Help your teachers remember you whenever she/he opens the door of their fridge.

All these gifting ideas are somewhat unique from the regular ones. Choose any of your favourite gift as per the personality of your teacher and get it delivered at their doorstep, in any part of India. Apart from these unique gifting ideas, you can choose Teachers’ Day cakes, cards, message rolls, flowers, cupcakes, cakes, and many more such gifts.

Teachers are not always the ones who have taught you to read and write in school days. A teacher is a person who teaches a lesson in life, be it a lesson of love, discipline, care, concern or any other human emotion. So, this year onwards, do not just wish your teacher’s happy Teacher’s Day, go a step further and celebrate this day with all those people who surround you with their love and concern.

Everything and everyone we have in our life teach us one thing or another that surely brings a change in our mindset and helps us to become a more fruitful person for the society as well as for ourselves. Now is the right time you realize about all such teachers and plan a unique gift for them. The size and price of the gift is not always the focal point, but your thoughtfulness behind that gift and your love behind that card is all that matters the most.

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