Get an Idea on Glass Pipe Vaporizer and Its Different Shapes

In order to understand the glass pipes vaporizer, you need to trace back to the era of Egyptians when they engaged in herbal smoking through small-sized tubular-shaped chillums. Since then the chillums travelled all the way and took the shape of the glass pipe vaporizer in the present era. However, it has been the most sought after in the sixties when people indulged in smoking weeds and got the real satiation through these glass vaporizers.

Glass Pipes

Different Shapes of The Glass Pipes Vaporizer:

  • Spoon Shaped Pipe:

Definitely, the manufacturer considers glass pipes vaporizer like spoon shape as an artistic piece of smoking accessory, which is an embodiment of aristocracy. This typical type of vaporizer is round and has the tendency of changing colour once lighted. Moreover, it is cited as the best option for beginners. This is because it is easy to tackle with as the size is comfortable something ranges between four to five inches only.

  • Chillum Shaped:

This type of glass pipes vaporizer comes in the shape of a tube. They are quite popular as professional smokers find comfort in smoking with this. Smokers also fall in love with its versatile size and shape. One of the most talked-about shapes is the dugout, which has a bowl attached to it for putting the herbs while there are some of the shapes, which look like that of the stems. Certainly, this is designed to be handy, so it is true on the go vaporizer. Moreover, you can snugly keep it in your bag.

  • Steam Roller Shaped:

You can consider steamrollers only if you are pro in smoking. This is because it is one of the high-end designed glass pipe vaporizers. Most importantly before having this you need to make sure that your lungs are experienced enough to tackle it. Coming to its design you will see that overall there are three parts like the bowl, chamber, and mouthpiece.

  • Sherlock Shaped Curve Pipes:

The Sherlock pipes are also known as the Gandalf pipes found in a variety of glass shapes and sizes consist of a bowl which is larger in shape. Along with that, it has the stem, which takes the shape of a curve. It comes with a specially designed screen that checks the herbs from clinging to the mouthpiece.

Glass Pipes

Notable Features of The Glass Pipe Vaporizer

  • The first feature is that even when a small quality of weed is put in the vaporizer it produces great vapour. Therefore, it gives a sense of satisfaction to the smoker.
  • Smokers love the efficiency of the glass pipes vaporizer because it heats the weed so that you get enough vapour, instead of burning the weeds.
  • Next, it is quite easy to smoke, now if you are doing that for the first time make sure to place the herbs inside the vaporizer and just heat it for a couple of seconds until you experience the vapour.
  • The glass pipes vaporizer let you enjoy get the ultimate flavour of the herbs.
  • Don’t worry when it gets untidy because its compact design let you clean it without any hassle.

Thus, the above-mentioned statements give you an idea on glass pipes vaporiser and its different shapes. Smoking is an addiction for some while some might love to indulge in it as a time pass. In any case, nicotine-based smoking is not healthy at all. Nevertheless, smokers can get real pleasure with herbal smoking. In that regard, note that glass pipes vaporizer has been quite preferred since ages because it makes you get the flavour in actual.

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