Streaming On Your Android, Legal Or Not?

Streaming On Your Android, Legal Or Not? – With so many streaming apps available, we should go through and list the legal aspects and risks of each, if any.

Streaming On Your Android, Legal Or Not?

Android is a popular platform used in millions of phones. Today, the cost of satellite service or cable for your television is growing by leaps and bounds. Therefor, many people are deciding to stream through their Android devices.

Most app developers do design legitimate apps that work for your Android. However, there are some sketchy app developers that design streaming apps that could be illegal to have on your phone and use for streaming. When you ‘stream’ you are transmitting audio and video that can then be watched on your Android device. This streaming allows people to watch a movie for example, while the remainder of the movie is buffered to your device.

There are multiple streaming apps available. App developers are continuously coming up with new and improved versions. Let’s go over a few of them.

Showbox is one of the top rated streaming apps there are. With Showbox a person is able to watch movies and television shows for free. According to some tech experts, Showbox is not a legal format to watch streaming copyrighted movies on. Many people are finding that their app is being shut down. Streaming movies on this app could lead to legal issues pertaining to copyright infringement.

SnagFilms is a legitimate app that allows people to stream ad supported documentaries and independent films. Their library has around 5,000 films available. Those who create films are able to submit their films for consideration of being put into the available library. The movies and documentaries available are free to watch.

CinemaBox is another high quality app that allows users to stream from their wide range of available content. Sorry folks, this is another one of those that are not legal to use. There is no permission to use the copyright shows on this app. Legal warnings come for this app also.

Terrarium App is an amazing app to download onto your android. It features many HD movies and television shows. Luckily, Terrarium App uses streaming technology by app developers rather than the torrenting, which is the illegal way to stream copyright material. So yes, this is one of many apps that you can download to your android.

However with today’s app developers and the newest technology, most of the apps for streaming on your android are legal. The process becomes illegal when you are using torrent services to stream copyright material. Without prior permission from the movie or show, consumers must pay a monthly fee to be able to safely and legally stream most shows using android apps.

However, it is safer for all consumers to stick to a subscription plan if you want to stream on your android. The app developers understand that consumers lover their television and their movies, they have worked to develop apps that will not harm your android, are subscription priced or many are free. Some of these include the likes of Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. There are many more free apps such as YouTube, Crackle and Flipps and the BBC iplayer.

Intellectual Property theft is costing millions of dollars yearly. The illegal streaming devices are common and easy to find on the internet. The risks involved to each consumer is plenty. First off, they are against the law without having permission to stream the movies. Secondly, these easily found for sale devices are seldom through any safety checks. Which means, the likelihood of a fire due to this device is great. These are also not programmed with parental controls. Many instances have been given where a child is watching a cartoon and suddenly it switches to pornographic shows.

Most importantly, the use of these illegal devices takes money away from those who have earned it, whether by directing, producing, writing or acting in the show or movie. Without permission to stream, these hard working individuals do not receive the money due them.

There are many name brand devices available for purchase. These are a much more trusted source to watch the programming you desire.

When choosing an app for your android, do some investigating before downloading the app to your device. The legitimate app developers have designed the apps with safety and concern involved. There are many that are free, and many that cost a monthly rate.

Social media sites such as Instagram and facebook live allow users to stream live videos of themselves, Even YouTube allows to video live sessions and post them. These, as well as Periscope and Livestream allow generous time limits, high quality and the ability to share to other social media.

App developers must be genius, in my opinion, to be able to design these useful apps for your android. So be safe, research the app to make sure you will not be busted for copyright infringement. If using one of many apps by app developers in a live fashion, use a reputable one. Also, keep in mind that many of the devices seen on social media are not tested at all for safety and you risk fire and damage to your devices you are attempting to stream on.

Legitimate app developers have helped in the legitimacy ring by creating the apps such as netflix and hulu, Amazon and SlingTV. It is to your benefit to purchase a monthly subscription to one of these apps for your android.

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