How to Convert Your Ideas Into A Mobile App?

How to Convert Your Ideas Into A Mobile App? – Every day more entrepreneurs are looking for new opportunities to develop their innovative ideas by creating a mobile application and give life to their projects in the digital world.

How to Convert Your Ideas Into A Mobile App

Whenever you have a good idea for an app, common questions for all arise:

  • How to create a successful mobile application?
  • How much does it cost to create a mobile application?
  • Where can I find mobile application programmers?
  • Can my mobile application be profitable?
  • Can I have a mobile application for my company or innovative product?
  • Can I convert an app idea into a business?

Nowadays almost everything can be done through mobile. The connection with entities, products, services and people in general is faster and more efficient using mobile applications. It is a growing business field with billions of transactions every day.

The article that you will read below, will serve as a 10 steps guide to organize your ideas and understand the process and the basic methodology to create a mobile application for your innovative idea:

#1. When to create an app?

If you have a company, creating a mobile application will allow your customers to have a higher level of connection with your company and the services you have at your disposal. Developing an app will make it available to your potential customers and the products and services that you offer will lead you to increase sales.

If you have found a niche market and have an innovative idea to create a mobile app, it is time to move forward and start as a digital entrepreneur. You can start by making a list of the needs, interests or problems that a certain group of people have and with your mobile application, group them, connect them and give them the solution you have created for their interests.

#2. Have you had an innovative idea to create a mobile application?

It is important to start from a creative idea that is specific to the time in which we live. Start by defining the function that your mobile application will fulfill, that is, the solution it will offer to people, and which is the target audience for your solution. Whenever possible, try to make this solution permanent so that your clients use your app frequently and always be useful to them.

Keep in mind that mobile applications are a business, and it is essential to study the business model and how your idea will generate revenue, this will allow your mobile application to be sustainable and generate benefits in the medium term.

When creating a mobile application you have multiple options to monetize your investment, some of them are: Micro payments within the app, free-premium services, advertising among other options that you should consider before starting the development of a mobile application.

#3. Study the potential market of your mobile application.

What is my app about? What is the direct competition of my mobile application?

Now that you have defined the basic lines of the idea for your mobile application, it is time to study the market and the competition. In the App Store and Google Play you will find all kinds of applications and it is a market that does not stop growing. Do a brief investigation and see if your idea has already been developed or if it is really unique and different.

Is there a mobile application similar to the one you want to create?
Do not be discouraged, improve the product and have your idea offer a different and more attractive solution for your customers. Therefore, it is essential that you identify the solutions offered by your application and the characteristics that make it different and useful.

4. Study your future clients: Will my mobile application be successful?

You already know which public will use your mobile app, so ask them what they need. Understanding the solutions that look for your needs, will help you to clarify your ideas of how the operation of your app should be and the functions that can not be missing. If these people have already used mobile applications, identify the gaps they have found and what is the ideal service they want to find on their mobile. With these tools, you will have an idea of ??the frequency of downloads you will have and the services you can offer to make your application profitable.

5. Make sketches of your mobile application

With paper and pencil you can start to build some basic sketches of the operation of your mobile application. The sketches will help you better explain the idea you have to the mobile application programmer. Remember that a software developer can help you define the interface of your application effectively and with your experience he will make the application friendly and attractive to the user.

6. Find a developer to develop your mobile app

Where do I find a programmer to create an app?You already have the tools to present your idea of ??mobile application to a software developer, it’s time to contact the experts that will bring your idea to reality. It is important to have a trusted team expert in the different types of programming: iOS, Android, and multiplatform, to guide you in the development of your mobile application and effective strategies to make it successful.

#7. Communication tools: (Web, social networks and promotional video)

Communication is very important when developing a mobile application, ask your design and programming team to create a website and the social networks of your app. Remember that the graphic identity of your mobile application must have a consistent language with your app.

The creation of a fun video is an effective tool in the communication of your mobile application to share on social networks and media. This will be the summit step that your mobile application will have ready to launch it to the public.

#8. Register your idea: How to patent a mobile app?

In Europe, it is not possible to patent mobile applications, which is why they must be protected using a combination of three types of registration: trademark registration, intellectual property and industrial design.

Each of these records protects a part of your project, and they are made at the end of the programming, the design of the brand and the operation interface.

#9. Publish the mobile application

You have finished the development of your mobile app and it works correctly, so it is time to publish it in your respective store and make it available to the public. If your application is for iPhone, the app will be published in the App Store and if your application is for Android, it will be published in the Google Store.

The stores will request specific characteristics for the publication of your mobile application that you must provide. This is somewhat complex process so it is good for the software developer to accompany you in the publication of your app.Promote your innovative app and get a lot of downloads

#10. How can I make my application known to everyone?

There are specific marketing strategies for mobile applications that will allow you to effectively reach your potential customers and achieve downloads for your app. Briefly speaking, the basic thing you should have is good communication in social networks, create payment campaigns in networks such as Facebook that can bring downloads to your newly created mobile application.

It is essential to support your communication also in traditional media such as radio, print media and TV. For this your application must be presented to the media through attractive press releases that are reflected by the media.

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