Ankara Rocked by another Blast

This is the third attack in the Turkish capital during the previous six months

Ankara Rocked by another Blast

A car bomb exploded in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey claiming at least 27 lives as per official reports. More than 75 people have also been injured in the blast.

The blasts occurred in Guvenpark within the Kizilay district which is in close proximity to many bus stops. As per eye witness accounts, some of the vehicles in the vicinity immediately caught fire. Only last month another attack on a military convoy in the same city had claimed 28 lives. Dozens of people had also been wounded.

As per the reports of a local newspaper, The Hurriyet, the explosion occurred at around 18:41. The area was immediately evacuated for fear of another attack. The newspaper reported that several ambulances were also seen at the scene of the explosion. There have been no claims of responsibility as yet.

As per the official statement released by the office of the governor, 27 citizens lost their lives in the blast at Guvenpark. The bomb was caused by a car laden with bomb.

The statement further added that 23 victims had immediately died at the scene of the blast while four other lost their lives on the way to the hospital.

Analysts are saying that three consecutive attacks in the heart of Turkey within a span of less than six months, are proofs that the country is facing dire security threats. Turkey used to be one of the most stable countries in the Middle East. It was also a Western ally within a volatile region. Unfortunately, Turkey is currently finding itself in a very dangerous position.

The bombing that occurred last month in Ankara was claimed by a Kurdish group by the name of Kurdistan Freedom Hawks or TAK. The group stated in its website that the attacks had been carried out as retaliation against the policies of the Turkish government.

The authorities, on the other hand, blamed a Syrian Kurd who belonged to another Kurdish group. Last October, more than a hundred people lost their lives in a double suicide bombing that targeted a Kurdish peace rally in the city of Ankara.

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