Another Heart Stopping Incident in Israel

After the dreadful incident of burning the temple in the free Palestine, once again the region was set to fire and another shuddering incident. The color of beautiful morning faded away when a bus station in Beersheba was attacked by an armed Arab terrorist. According to the Israeli police department the attacker shot and stabbed several people inside the bus terminal. An Israeli was killed in the assault, including 10 other locals and 5 police officers were wounded as reported by the police officials.

Another Heart stopping incident in Israel

A police officer Yoram Halevy, in his conference with the reporters mentioned that the assailant possessed a knife, a gun and another gun which he snatched from the soldier after killing him. However, the attacker was shot dead yet so far his identity is unknown. Halevy further added that in response to the attack, police entered the bus station from another area and saw a “foreign national” shooting and wounding him. In the pursuit a foreigner was also shot, the police mistook him to be the assault According to the Israeli media the foreigner was an Eritrean national residing in Israel.

Security camera footage from the bus station was aired on the Israeli TV. There was a large scale massacre; floor covered with blood and rows of ambulance outside the bus station was really a gloomy situation. Later, police stopped any inflow to the terminal, preventing from any additional threats.

There were many eyewitnesses of the incidents and many wounded were in conscious state. Abuchatzira told to our reliable sources:
“That all of the injured were apparently in their 20s.

Four of the injured were fully conscious in moderate condition and suffering from gunshot wounds to the torso and legs,” he moreover said. “A woman was also injured with a gunshot wound to the limbs.”

The attack is considered to be the reaction of increased security around the country. The separation of Jews and Arabs in Jerusalem added fuel to fire. U.S. state secretary John Kerry said in Paris that he would arrange a meeting among Israeli and Palestinian leaders soon to resolve or at least diminish the conflict.

Israel has deployed thousands of police, backed by the troops to maintain law and order. These troops have been so far failed to stop violence and series of attack, mostly stabbing by the Palestinian assailants.

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