Apple Sought Out the Problem of Wi-Fi Sucks

If you are a Mac’s and I phone’s users then definitely from the last year you were facing the problems in WiFi when you used them. Yes it is happening but you don’t need to worry about it because Apple is doing their best to resolve the problem.

Apple sought out the problem of Wi-Fi sucks

Apple’s Yosemite is very friendly user and those who are habitual of using this will not be satisfied with any other phone. But the major problem is Wi-Fi about Apple’s Yosemite update for Mac last year, with thousands of users taking to Apple’s support assembly to air resentment. Everyone has a curiosity to know that what happened exactly when this problem occurs.

If you want to understand that what and where the problem is occurs so in very first thing you need to understand the DNS which is Domain Name System. It is the way that internet Domain name are located and rendered into the internet protocol IP address.

Second I want to tell you that each computer has an IP address on the internet in order to find it on the street. If we look at the example of Domain names for websites like so it has its own attached IP address that locates these computers.

Always try to give human readable domain name to the computer just to get the right IP address. Second important thing that you should keep the directory of domain names and their IP addresses.

And then in your web browser you print your computer requests the address from DNS server and takes you to the right page. You don’t even know what goes behind the screen and even don’t know that your single typed word will go from different phases.

Now if we look back at the 12 years so Apple used software called mDNSResponder. They are using this software just to manage the work of Mac’s networking. Generally if we look so it works perfectly.

Apple decided to abolish this trusty DNS responder in the late 2014 and wants to change it with a new process called discovered. We think that they want to use this just to make it better for users above this we don’t know the exact reason.

Apple has to face many different problems when they started using this software and the problems were incalculable. As a result mDNSResponder had returned.

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