Apple’s New iPhone Lightning Dock

Apple Company released an up to date I-phone dock in the earlier of this week. Dock is basically introduced by the I pod and now by looking at the I-pods almost before 2 years apple also impart I-Phone 5S and I-Phone 5C docks. But the docks that released before 2 years had a 30 pin or a connector of 3.5mm line out.

Apple’s new iPhone Lightning Dock

Most of the people used I-phone as a clock as it is Analog Digital Clock I also used it as a clock while I keep it on charges. If you took a knife to your 5S dock and try to manage to fit it I-phone 6 so there is no use of doing this because it requires that you take out your phone from the case which people usually used.

The new dock that released before two years is moderately different from the old docks. The new docks is basically made for the new I-phones and it supports all I-phones and I-pods with a lighting connector running iOS 8 rather than having a recessed area that fits and supports the device.

Apple’s new iPhone Lightning Dock

It supports all type of I-phones and I-pods because it’s having a flat top with a little mound on it that holds the lightning connector. It staggers a bit side to side when touched because of the reason that I-phone is only supported through its lightning port. It doesn’t mean that that there is any electronic connection between the phone and the dock.

People are very happy in using the dock in I-phone 6 and they are surprisingly happy because of its design which has a dock while it is in Apple’s silicon case and the line out port is now a headphone out port. I-phone uses its speaker when you put it in the dock and nothing connected to the headphone out port of the dock and the speaker is very loud and clear.

When the phone is docked you can’t use the headphone out port because it is at the bottom. You can change the volume, or easily can do pause or play according to your own choice.

And you can also use a microphone in the headphones to make calls because the microphone also works properly. You can also connect your guitar to the dock through the use of right cable and I-phone will serve you as a guitar.

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