Australian Model Shanina Shaik Shows Off Her Slender Physique

Victoria’s Secret model Shanina Shaik, the famous model and the queen of beauty with her exotic looks. Slightly look of makeup shows her look more natural and a light dusting eye shadow and light slick of pink lipstick make her achieve a less is more look. Shanina, fabulous figure and natural beauty helped her to become or look more attractive and famous model in all over the world.

Australian Model Shanina Shaik shows off her Slender Physique

Shanina Shaik looks happy and satisfied to show her slender physique looks picture on snap chat or Instagram on Wednesday without the help of any professionals as she uploaded a sexy Instagram.

She also kicked off her catwalk heels to go on Jamaica’s sand beach with her new boyfriend Tyson Beckford. She was becoming the Australian prettiness personified in a white cotton skirt and matching bikini.

She also said that recently that she has some insecurity despite on her reputation because she was the most famous and gorgeous women on catwalk. But she feels less insecurity as if she was sure she wasn’t showing it on these of her latest swimwear shoot.

The 24 year old model Shanina, proved that she doesn’t have an inch to pinch, as she show her slender during her trip to Mexico. She posed on sideways on beach of sand with her right leg hitched up and her hairs on her hand.

She captures these snaps by saying, “Wish you were #Mexico #Beach #Sunset”. She did all this without the help of professionals. She done this message with a love heart and aimed with her boyfriend, DJ Ruckus.

After sometimes, she also share his some other snaps with a tag: ‘You put the lime in the coconut #Mexico #beach #sunset.’ She also did some behind the scene photo shoot at Swarovski in Italy.

She wear a necklace with an evil eye motif in blue, back and crystal stone and another necklace in eye shape in rose gold color. This necklace forms a part of model Miranda Kerr’s collection for Swarovski and its cost around $89 USD.

She also uploads some other snaps with that evil eye necklace and lacy bottom of her negligee. In Australia that she was train 3 to 4 times in a week, ‘It’s important to do that because it shocks your body.

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