Baby Bump Shown by Pregnant Kim Kardashian in a Skintight Dress in New Orleans

Kim Kardashian needs no introduction once again brought into social media gossips. As her pregnancy rumors were spreading in the social circle bit no one has clearly seen him in her condition. So finally she revealed her pregnancy condition to the media and diehard fans.

Baby Bump Shown by Pregnant Kim Kardashian in a skintight dress in New Orleans

It looks that the reality star is in a good mood and ready for a fresh start as she was seen last morning on Tuesday wearing an angelic white outfit.

Looking like an angel the baby bump her so gorgeous and making her personality more charming. In the pregnancy and at the 34 she did not seem to be a bit stressed and dressed with increasing baby bump in a skintight mini-dress that makes her appearance more charming than ever.

Basically the reality star was stepped out to lunch in the Louisiana city and long tailed button down shirt as she is modeling on a ramp. The reality star’s sufficient cleavage was also on show making a prominent and bold impression when she came with her BFF Jonathan Cheban following close behind.

Talking about the looks and maintenance, Kim supported a simple clutch as she stood tall in strappy heels while shaking her evergreen sunglasses. Some random epics were upload earlier during a shopping comprises Cheban and Kim at a costume store wearing masquerade masks.

Previously on the same day, Kim had gone to a local bakery to satisfy her pregnancy cravings. She was also showing through pictures the results of a new haircut posted earlier on instagram and twitter showing the new look to be more of a trim.

If you remember Kim was harshly criticized for her various odd maternity clothes while pregnant with North. But now she seems to be well prepared and has finally found a look that she enjoys and she’s sticking to it. Up till now she has preferred typically tight and figure-hugging dressed with jackets.

One of the interesting and adoring claim made by Kim was that she has gained 20lbs during her pregnancy. This time she is trying to be a perfect mom is making every effort to stay suitable and healthy during her second pregnancy.

Kim wants to be a perfect mother and as a sign on Friday, Kim shared adoring snaps of little Nori playing football. Doing this she is stating that she was officially a soccer mom and ready for the coming new one.

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