Rihanna Shows her Curvy Body in a Bejeweled Dress at Barbados Carnival

Just when you thought the showbiz wouldn’t surprise you any more you get to see another shocking event occurred, this time not shocking but bold and glazy event occur as Rihanna dressed with the most reveling pattern that shows her curvy body remarkably.

Rihana shows her Curvy Body in a bejeweled dress at Barbados Carnival

If you think the party was over Rihanna has definitely some other plans in her mind. Her appearance and entrance amazed everybody and once again arises and outdoes herself as a beautiful goddess.

We are talking about the Festival in Barbados in which she dressed an astonishing outfit and the most surprising fact of the story is she was wearing that reveling until the early hours of the morning at the Crop over Festival Fore day Morning Jam in Barbados on Saturday.

According to the viewers this time, the Diamonds singer was seen tasting out of a fashionable flask as she danced on a float throughout the Kadooment carnival.

Rihanna bold act clearly shows that she’s still the ruling carnival queen of Barbados on Monday. Moreover she once again undermined the revealing nature of the pure white monokini she dress in over the weekend.

The provocative star showed adequately her cleavage in a old-fashioned carnival-style bejeweled two-piece presenting a low-cut top and a high-cut bottom adding a fine beauty. I addition to that, the Barbados inborn added a massive pair of jewel-encrusted green and black wings to her dare dress.

The playful star matches the ensemble with an identical necklace, feathered shin protectors and headpiece. The touch of two cuffs around her wrists add a striking and arousing beauty to her body and a smidgen of diamantes applied to the side of her face make her the queen of the festival.

As you know she has a bold chest tattoo so her large costume wings flawlessly matched with it, which was obviously noticeable under her glossy bra. The tattoo is actually the winged Egyptian goddess Isis which is a compliment to Rihanna’s late grandmother.

After drinking her orange drink, the singer exchanged out her glass for a sparkly cup that add more taste to the theme. She was definitely not alone there, many other likewise scantily-clad women containing her best pal Melissa Forde on the float as she rejoiced in the sunshine.

Don’t forget that she was once again escorted by her obedient bodyguard who also babysit her from midnight till 6am but she enjoyed the whole festival.

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