New Hampshire Voters Leading Forum: 5 Takeout

There has been a major turn of events. With the release of GOP forum last Monday, many new things come forward. The experts review is showing with many other things five major things can be easily picked and mention from the Voters First Presidential Forum in New Hampshire. In this final time of the Presidential race it appears that these points are going to matter a lot.

New Hampshire Voters Leading Forum: 5 takeout

Point of View:

Talking about the first point, there are many Republican runners counting the 14 who came at the event of which more prominent one are Donald Trump, Mike Huckabee, and Jim Gilmore. Last Monday in New Hampshire forum a big platform was set in which each runner had roughly 10 minutes to establish an opinion on some major points.

The basic point was to underline how tough it will be to stand out in such a packed area, if you have the major reputation name like Trump or Jeb Bush. The runners stated very comparable opinions on matters like immigration, health care, and the danger of the Islamic State. Much of the time was spent on talking about the shortfalls of Hillary Clinton and President Obama than criticizing each other.

Rise of Donald Trump:

At this time to reach on any conclusion is not possible about any combined presence that doesn’t contain the runner who has the primary lead than most Republican polls at this time.

One interesting thing that everybody noticed that none of the candidates bring up Donald Trump, but his increasing polling is the big story of the Republican race right now. It is also considered that he will probably be the main focal of Thursday night’s discussion in Cleveland.


This is a serious issue and many statements had already been given on this matter. Immigration is considered to be a big issue in the Republican primaries as Obama’s health care plan. Most of the candidates argued about it, and the problem of illegal immigration has fired much of Trump’s rise in the polls.

Local issues:

Another point to be raised was the local issues as it can become immense aspects in early competition states like New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Iowa. A major rise in heroin trafficking was one of the local problems that appeared during the forum.

Prime Debate:

Candidates are limited to the top ten finishers in an aggregate of polls but only for those who are left out of Thursday’s prime-time debate. These points indeed make a promising platform for the upcoming debate on Thursday.

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  • Can not wait for the debate on Thursday! Trump has a first class resume as a developer, has higher degrees in finance from Wharton, was a naval cadet in his youth, honored his parents, brought up highly intelligent, hard working children, has a beautiful family and a lifetime of dealing with, socializing with, listening to the professional politicians. Trump knows their game and he knows how to beat them at it. Sure, he has a huge ego but that’s a qualification for the job and sure he likes to have fun with “Celebrity Apprentice” but that’s not the whole man: the whole man is a man DEEPLY committed to the well being of this country, a man who will offer real world practical solutions and will accomplish a great deal. He already has (in terms of imagining what’s possible). I’m so excited for America!!!

  • Shows you how desperate these professional politicians are. Donald Trump has pulled back the curtain on the Wizard of Oz and shown us there is no wizard. He’s called out the Emperor and his New Clothes and dared to shout, “You’re naked.” These guys are all naked without their political correctness.