Undressed Selfie of Lindsay Lohan Goes Viral on Instagram

The 29-year-old beauty took the craze of the selfie to a new level. We are talking about none other than Lindslay Lohan who took the first step towards the trend of stripped selfies on Instagram last Monday and share the image in which she has exposed down to a pair of lacy knickers while posturing in front of a mirror at her Cavo Tagoo hotel room on Mykonos Island in Greece.

Undressed Selfie of Lindsay Lohan goes viral on Instagram

Lindsay Lohan is remarkably known of her beauty and she takes immense pleasure in howing he beautiful body to her fans. According to the media, on Monday night of August 3 using Instagram she shares a topless photo of her showing her curves and posture completely.

“LINDSAY LOHAN” was considered to be a tag or brand of sexy and bold appearance and she takes every chance to show off her killer figure as she steps up the sun in Greece.

The pictures are showing a string of spectacular bikini snaps in the last few weeks as she is relaxing and taking a long break from work. The difference is now she is even stripping off inside her luxury villa to display her incredible curves to the followers.

In the racy picture, the “Mean Girls” actress held her cellphone with both hands. She showed off major cleavage while covering her nipples with her arms. “I love my golden villa at Cavo tagoo. Thank you to my friends here,” she wrote alongside the snap.

Lindsay showed she has plenty of body confidence as she stripped down to her tiny white pants in front of a mirror. The melodramatic picture shows her arms on the top of her boobs as she shows the world her toned and tanned figure and multiple tattoos.

On the same day LiLo displays a picture of her with a group of men. She was dressed in black-and-white cutouts top and black pants matching with black boots. She finalized her appearance with black aviator, red lipstick and nail arts.

It seems that LiLo has been relishing a lovely holiday in Greece with her friends including weeks of leaping around Europe’s finest holiday resorts like Naples, Venice, and Nice in the South of France. This was a wonderful trip for her during her hectic routine.

She earlier publicly showed some bikini photos of her adoring her vacation with friends. As the journey goes on we are waiting to see what pictures she posts next.

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  • I think She is becoming more and more irrelevant. Started off a promising star but she can’t ditch that trashy image she now has.

  • No doubt, the bikini photo is so funny, when has Lindsay ever had a 6 pack in her entire life, except to drink. How stupid does she think people are.