Backup Yahoo Small Business Email Account Data to Computer / Laptop

In this article, we will have a deep discussion over how to backup Yahoo small business email to the local system drive. You can read out the concerns in the article to understand why it is a requirement to download emails and create a backup of import data.

backup yahoo small business email

Yahoo Small Business Mail

Yahoo mail is a popular free webmail client. It offers the largest free cloud storage space of 1 TB. That’s far beyond any other mail clients’ storage space offering. It’s a free account, thus, you can only create the account with the domain.

This wasn’t enough. When the data breach held with the Yahoo mail in late 2014, many of its users switched from Yahoo mail. Yahoo mail went over a great loss thereafter. Then, Yahoo corporation came up with a new scheme with the name Yahoo Small Business Mail. This is meant for new startups. With this, a user can create and login to Yahoo mail services with a different domain. They can host a new email service and grow their business with a low budget.

Yahoo has worked a lot over the services offered in the Yahoo small business accounts. Here you will be helped to create a new domain website with a good email service. Do you need assistance in creating a new Yahoo Small Business Mail account? Then Search Yahoo business mail on the browser and generate a new account.

A Backup is a must for all online email platforms. All major mail clients offer a form of data backup, but Yahoo gives only one option to save the email data to the local hard drive. Save Yahoo emails in PDF format. This process asks for trouble as you have to perform the print option for each email file and save the file in PDF format. This is not easy at all. For an easy data backup, you can try out some other methods. Move down to find some.

How to Backup Yahoo Small Business Email?

The process of backup emails from Yahoo business mail is similar to the process of a free Yahoo account. In place of Yahoo account details, place your account credentials. The process we are talking about is the Yahoo mail migration to offline email clients. Here, we are discussing the procedure to set up Yahoo mail in Outlook application. Once the data is transferred, your data backup is created. This will help you access your yahoo business mail data in all situations.

Configure Yahoo to Outlook

  1. Open Outlook application and go to the File menu.
  2. Navigate to Info and click on Add Account option.
  3. Add mail account window is active on the screen. Choose for Manually Configure Server Settings option and click on the Next button.
  4. Choose for the ‘POP or IMAP’ option and then click on the Next button.
  5. Enter Your Name And Yahoo email address on the next page.
  6. In the Account Type menu, select the IMAP option.
  7. For the Incoming Mail Server, type and for the Outgoing Server, type
  8. Below to the Logon Information, enter Yahoo username and password.
  9. Click on the More Settings option.
  10. Move to the Outgoing Server tab and enable My SMTP Requires Authentication and choose to Use Same Settings as My Incoming Mail Server option.
  11. Switch to the Advanced tab and type 993 for the IMAP Server Port. Enter 465 for the SMTP Server Port.
  12. Choose SSL for the encryption type and also ensure that This Server Requires an Encrypted Connection is enabled.
  13. Click on the OK button to end the window. Click on Next and then Finish button.
  14. Restart Outlook and click on the Send/Receive tab. Select Send/Receive All Folder. This will sync all emails in Yahoo to Outlook.

This will backup Yahoo small business email to Outlook application. This process is severe to errors, so it is suggested to perform the right process to succeed in the configuration for the first time itself.

Please note: In some cases, you will be shown an error while testing the configuration settings. If any error comes to you, then you have to generate an app password for Yahoo mail and use that password here.

If you need to create an app password, reach out to Yahoo mail account settings. Navigate to the Account security tab and click on the Generate app password. Create the password and save it anywhere locally.

Where Does Outlook Limit the Yahoo Mail User

An error is seen while exporting the Yahoo mail to the hard drive via Outlook. A pop-up with an error message is driven. It shows the message,

The messaging interface has returned an unknown error. If the problem persists restart Outlook

In such a case, you can just retry the export process again. If you fail at the second attempt, visit this link to solve your issue.

Methods to Troubleshoot: The Messaging Interface has Returned an Unknown Error

All these, can we conclude that Outlook is not best to backup Yahoo small business email to the hard drive. Don’t feel sorry for yourself, instead move down and find an efficient solution to save emails to the local hard drive from Yahoo mail online.

Backup Yahoo Small Business Emails to PC

SysTools Yahoo Business Mail Backup is efficient in saving all the emails from Cloud Yahoo mail to the local computer system. The application will backup the yahoo mail data into four different file formats. These email formats are supportive of almost all major mail clients (web/ desktop-based). Some functions also give out to save the email data in a more proficient manner. You can filter the emails within a date range, select a particular email folder for backup, choose for incremental backup, and at last set, the bandwidth used to backup Yahoo small business email.

Steps to Backup Yahoo Business Mail

Step 1: Download and Run SysTools Yahoo Small Business Mail Backup and login by Yahoo business account.

Step 2: Select a file format to backup Yahoo business mail.

Step 3: Browse a location to save the Yahoo business mail backup.

Step 4: Click on Start to backup emails in Yahoo small business mail.

This is it. Your Yahoo mail data will download to the computer system. No additional work is to be done. Only you have to create the app password for the application in Yahoo mail. Use the app password for tool login and the rest is done by the application.

There is one efficient option known as Delete after download option. This option helps to download the emails from the Yahoo business account and afterward remove the emails permanently from the Yahoo mail account. It is an easy form of clearing Yahoo account space without a data loss. You can also store this data anywhere on an external hard drive or a flash drive.

Final Words

In this article, we have had a talk about how to backup Yahoo small business email. If you are a yahoo small business mail user, try to backup and save your emails locally. We have discussed why it is necessary to save your data and create a backup.

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