Take A Look At Different Types of Basketball Court Surfaces

Basketball courts have a separate field of concern in respect to flooring. Each court has its own purpose. There are different types of basketball court flooring materials available in the market to select from. Most of the players compete on courts made from hardwood because it provides a smooth, unobstructed surface and a consistent bounce. However, not all basketball games are performed on the same playing surface. The surface of the court depends on the needs of the specific court and its location, along with varying materials needed for outdoor games.

Basketball Court Surfacing

Here is a list of different types of basketball court surface options available to select from:


One of the most popular choices for indoor basketball courts is hardwood. This type of flooring can be found in the most NBA stadiums and premier BCAA arenas. Hard maple is a dense wood along with fine fibers. This floor surface offers exceptional durability and requires less or no maintenance. This type of flooring is suitable for indoor courts. It should not be used outside because the sunlight, rain, and other natural elements may damage the surface.


It is an excellent floor surface for outdoor courts. It is convenient and requires basic equipment as well as manpower to pour and set. It is highly affordable and can be smoothed out to provide a very consistent surface for basketball. Also, it is durable and ideal for extremely hot and cold weather as it has been installed correctly with a vapor barrier and sealant.


The majority of players first learn the game on outdoor courts that are either community parks or on their neighborhood streets and driveways. Asphalt is one of the most common outdoor court surfaces. It is famous because of its strength and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. However, it comes with a few drawbacks. Asphalt might get break down over time and can be prone to cracks, chips, and other surface imperfections. It can also lead to injuries, especially in the case of falls.


There are a number of manufacturers that produce basketball court surfaces from multi-purpose plastic flooring. These court constructions start with a smooth slab of concrete for a sturdy foundation. This type of flooring offers excellent traction, a reliable ball bounce along with maximum safety that includes minimal skin abrasions on falls. This type of surface is not just limited to basketball, but also ideal for sports like volleyball, street hockey, tennis, and soccer. Users can also customize the courts by choosing any color to match team uniforms or other stylish preferences. It can also withstand outdoor elements or can be applied indoors without scarifying in performance.


Some of the courts may include advanced features to help responsiveness and playability. For example, companies offer a number of advanced surface solutions like flooring with rubber layer between the concrete foundation as well as the polypropylene plastic surface for better shock absorption and sound dampening. Some of these surfaces feature a polyurethane finish atop the plastic flooring to maximize durability and moisture resistance.

Sports tiles

They are alternative to any floor surface. They interlock or are suspended together to create a large court for basketball and other sports. These tiles are excellent solutions for flat areas that are not in good condition for basketball. These tiles are weather-proof and are not permanent; hence, they can be removed in the off-season. In addition, they are ideal for both indoor and outdoor grounds. At last, they are more resilient material like hardwood floors. They prevent injuries without compromising playability.

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