Batman V Superman fails to live up to expectations

The Batman V Superman, high budget movie tried – and fails miserably – to do justice to a lot of characters

Batman V Superman fails to live up to expectations

The title of the movie ‘Batman V Superman’ offers the very first clue about the movie: it is a sequel to the latest ‘Man of Steel’ franchise. However, it is the character from DC Comics Batman and Wonder Woman who have almost stolen the entire show. The Dark Knight was also the one who scored the top billing in the movies.

This has also helped Marvel in paving the way for more franchises and spin offs. What is interesting in about the film is the way it merges two different worlds: Superman’s sprawling metropolis and Batman’s dark Gotham City.

These two worlds are presented as different perspectives on the city of New York. These are adjacent areas that are divided by a river. Superman’s part features a skyscraper LexCorp – an entity which is run by a computer nerd. Batman’s part is a tumbledown urban area is as nourish as one could imagine.

Batman V Superman is a costly (250 million dollar) dual between the two antagonists. The movie offers a very little supply of sane moments – and even those are provided by Diane Lane. The only other noticeable aspect of the movie is Superman’s cleft chin.

And this is not a first time in Hollywood that a big budget film has to do with a completely uncharismatic villain, however, Lex Luthor’s character played by Jesse Eisenberg is an incomprehensible personality complete with equally incomprehensible nervous tics and mumbling.

Any movie review will let you know that Eisenberg may not be Batman V Superman’s biggest problems. Most people have no idea – until at least through the first half – why the two heroes are fighting.

Mind you, there is no shortage of catch phrases like democracy, consent, and governed, but they have all been used out of context and seem to have been picked up from a textbook on political science rather than a high budget Hollywood flick. As if it wasn’t enough to keep wondering the reason for their hatred, it becomes almost laughable how Batman and Superman resolve their conflict.

Despite all these shortcomings, it is almost certain that Batman V Superman will be a hugely popular movie during its opening. The cast is full of Oscar award winners and nominees and the director, Zack Snyder has applied some very creative visuals which is the demand of the contemporary cinema goer.

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