Geordie Shore Star Chantelle Connelly Sizzles in Wet White Swimsuit

Chantelle Connelly left very little to the imagination while she relaxed by the poolside

Geordie Shore Star Chantelle Connelly Sizzles in Wet White Swimsuit

Chantelle Connelly of Geordie Shore does not mind showing some flesh. That is why she is frequently seen in skimpy outfits as she poses in Newcastle’s chilling weather.

Keeping to the trend, Connelly was seen again as she showed a lot of kin as she enjoyed a sunny on Thursday while holidaying in Tenerife.

The Geordie Shore star Chantelle Connelly, did not wear her favorite bikini style. Instead she donned a white swimsuit. However, the fabric almost everything beneath it as it got more and more translucent when it got wet.

The young reality star was not concerned at all as she continued to play in the water until she decided it was enough and came out to dry her wet body.

Of course, all the people present in the vicinity when the pool picture was taken, must have had a chance of peeking at the actress’s braless chest, but she deprived other of watching the most intimate parts of her body when she slipped into a blue bikini bottom. The transparent material remained above the blue outfit.

The fabric of the swimsuit was made of such a material that enhanced Chantelle’s curvy figure. The white color also proved perfect when it came to cancelling out the bronze effect of her skin.

The wet white swimsuit was strapless and also featured golden details on each side adding extra pizzazz to the dress. The young star of Geordie Shore also made sure that her tresses were not dampened. She ensured this by knotting her locks in an easy top.

Despite taking good care of her hair, she also used a whole lot of cosmetics on her face as she relaxed by the poolside. But while her hair may have been practical, her make-up look was far from it as the MTV star appeared to sport a full face of cosmetics for her day of lounging poolside.

Chantelle Connelly is a newly hired on the reality show ‘Geordie Shore’ which has entered its 5th year. The actress has been very candid from the very beginning about her co-stars. She said that she was not impressed by anyone in the cast.

Regarded as an outspoken person, Connelly said on MTV that she was much impressed by Holly Hagan from the original show. She also admitted that Marnie Simpson was very attractive. Connelly later stated that Simpson was a bitch.

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