Kylie Jenner reveals hip Tattoo in Swimsuit Photo on Instagram

The weather is changing. Winter is leaving and summer is setting in

Kylie Jenner reveals her rarely seen hip tattoo on Instagram

And Kylie Jenner is more than ready to welcome the summer as she shares a swimsuit picture beside a pool with her fans on Instagram. Apparently, the reality TV star was not hindered by the prevailing cool atmosphere and cloudy weather in L.A when she posed in a skimpy bathing dress by famous designer Chanel. The picture revealed all her enticing curves.

Kylie Jenner seems to have perfected the arched back pose with her legs bent. This is one pose that most of her contemporary models have simply abandoned. The reclining loungers are simply avoided these days.

Her high cut black and orange one-piece dress also revealed the hip tattoo which is seen rarely in the model’s pictures. The tattoo is actually the world ‘Saint’ which is written phonetically with red ink.

Kylie had covered her head with the help of a baseball cap. She also opted to wear full makeup on her face. A set of four pictures was shared on Instagram none of which had any caption. There were no clues regarding the snapper either.

However, it was clear from the mood of the pictures that the young star was taking the opportunity to relax and had some fun during her free time.

Jenner was seen leaving the Le Pain Quotidien through its back doors on Saturday. Only minutes later Jaden Smith was also seen coming out of the same premises through the front doors.

Seventeen year old Jaden Smith is the son of Jada and Will smith. It is widely believed that he is Kylie Jenner’s first love. The duo has been friends since their childhoods. Jenner has moved out of her childhood and is currently dating the famous rapper Tyga.

Kylie also offered glimpse of her latest Puma trainer when she posted a snap of herself in cropped top and leggings. The footwear was also prominently displayed in the picture. Not only this, the star also showed off her perfect abs and her glossy locks in the same photograph. He range is expected to be released in the coming month of April.

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