Farrah Abraham thinks she is better than Kim Kardashian

She recently stated in an interview that she has surpassed Kim

Farrah Abraham thinks she is better than Kim Kardashian

Farrah Abraham has also jumped headfirst into the Kim Kardashian’s nude selfie scandal. Rather than bashing the former for posting two uncensored nude photos, the star of ‘Teen Mom’ dissed something else. The level of fame that Kim Kardashian enjoys.

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When asked about Kim, Farrah suggested that she is more successful than her in several ways. Does this mean that there are more nude photos of Farrah coming?

Farrah Abraham resembles Kim Kardashian in many ways. Whatever she says automatically becomes news. Farrah further stated that she had beaten Kim in a lot of ways. When asked on the same program if she had surpassed Kim, the reality TV star answered in the affirmative. She said:

“I think I’ve surpassed her in certain aspects. Then again, I conduct myself and my brand in a different way and my life in a very different journey. I think I’m doing very well, if not better.”

Farrah Abraham seems to have ignored the fact that competing with Kim is not an easy task. Take for example, net worth of both the actresses. Kim is loaded with money but Farrah has never really discussed her monetary worth with anyone. By all guesses, she is not as loaded as Kim, but then, it’s never about the money. Is it?

But if money is not the real issue, is Farah talking about her success after the sex tape was released. Even before the row over Kim Kardashian’s nude pictures began, Farrah had stated that the entire Kardashian clan was famous only due to Kim’s sex tape with Ray J.

Farrah does have a sex tape too. Perhaps she thinks that hers is much better than Kim’s. It must be admitted that Farrah is not famous simply because of that tape.

The reason why she said she had surpassed Kim is still unclear but still she refrained from joining the bandwagon of celebrities who have been slamming Kim Kardashian for her nude posts. These celebrities include Pink, Bette Midler and Chloe Moretz. Kim Kardashian is sticking to her guns. It won’t be a surprise, if she starts firing back at Farrah soon.

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