Kylie Jenner copies Kim Kardashian uncensored selfie

The Young star posed inside her bathroom just like her sister did in her own uncensored selfie

Kylie Jenner copies Kim Kardashian uncensored selfie

Kim Kardashian has once again become the talk of the town. Every known celebrity including Pink and Bette Midler are trying to imitate the queen of selfies with their own bathroom versions.

However, there is little chance that Kylie Jenner would allow her sister to snatch the spotlight from her forever. That is why the young star has reproduced Kim Kardashian’s famous bathroom selfie, of course with a little twist.

Watch Photos: Kylie Jenner copies big sis Kim’s censored nude selfie

Kylie Jenner took to her own bathroom and posed for an iPhone snap that was as pouty as her sister’s showing all the curves that for which Kardashian’s are famous. These curves are prominently visible in the mirror.

The twist in the picture is that while the elder sister had used black bars on the uncensored selfie in order to cover her most intimate body parts, the 18 year old star instead wore a black bikini that featured cut-out bottoms.

There is very little doubt that this uncensored selfie is a response to her elder sibling. Kylie Jenner captioned the photo with a crown emoji.

Does it mean that the war for the coveted position of the queen of social media has begun?

With her uncensored selfie, Kylie Jenner has joined all those stars who are paying tribute to Kim Kardashian’s nude picture. Recently, Sharon Osbourne and Courtney Stodden have stripped for similar uncensored selfies.

And it is not only the female stars that have opted to take off their clothes. Geordie Shore’s Nathan has also shared a Kim’s copycat photo. It is, however, obvious that Kylie Jenner’s uncensored selfie will get many more like owing to more than 53 million fans that follow her on Instagram.

Kylie Jenner has also declared with the help of another Instagram snap that she will take care of her lip filler habit. The photo in question features the youngest Kardashian’s plumped pout with wings moving away from her face. A thin version of her lips is what is left behind.

The picture is captioned:

“Fly away my friend.”

For her avid fans though, the thought of Kylie Jenner losing her fillers voluntarily may be as impractical as Kim Kardashian giving up her iPhone.

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