Jaguar crushes crocodile’s skull in Planet Earth 2 recent episode

Planet Earth 2 shows a jaguar crushing the skull of a crocodile. The scene left viewers aghast during the recent installment of the show.

Planet Earth 2

Planet Earth 2

Planet Earth 2 is a British documentary series which is produced by the BBC. It is a sequel of the extremely popular series Planet Earth. The previous series was broadcast live during the year 2006.

The entire series is produced by Sir David Attenborough. He is also the narrator of the series. The music has been composed by Hans Zimmer.

At the edge of the seat

During the recent episode of the series, viewers couldn’t help but come to the edge of their seats. This was because the legendary naturalist Sir Attenborough showed a jaguar squashing the skull of a large crocodile.

A shocking episode

It was a shocking episode of the series that took the viewers to Brazil. Here, they were able to see many things like the ruthless cat which is also known as the ‘Killer of all Killers.’

There was an instant start of catfight when there was a single by the river where prey would be abundant, and quite a few female jaguars competing for the same spot. Then came a male jaguar and fell in the water so that it could find a prey.

The Jaguar catches the crocodile

First, the jaguar paced about the river in an alert manner. Then, it suddenly pounced into the water. There was a very tense moment after which, the same jaguar came out of the water. The unfortunate crocodile was held in its clutches.

Jaguar crushes crocodile’s skull in Planet Earth 2

Powerful bite

The narrator explained that jaguars are supposed to have the most powerful bite among all kinds of cats. A jaguar also knows the most dangerous point of the caiman which is at the back of the skull.

There were instant social media comments by viewers who had seen the episode. Some of these posts also alleged that the scene was not real. However, most of them believed that it was real and vowed not to ever miss with a jaguar.

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