How Donald Trump Dealt with the Sex Scandals

This is not the first time that a president-elect or an incumbent president has escaped the consequences of a sex scandals.

How Donald Trump Dealt with the Sex Scandals

Donald Trump’s case cannot be deemed an exception in this regard since it has always been happening in American politics.

Sex Scandals Presidents

American political history has many sex scandal presidents. It is common knowledge that a juicy illicit affair has never tarnished the image of a celebrity. Rather, it has done a lot of good.

Before Donald Trump was elected president of the US, one must have thought that the rule that applied to other celebrities may not apply to politicians.

However, Trump managed to win the elections despite claims by numerous women that he had grabbed and groped them. All these allegations failed to change peoples’ minds.

Political sex scandals

Political sex scandals are weird. Rather than harming Donald Trump’s reputation, they actually allowed him to reap profits. For a short period of time, he became the victim whose every single move–no matter how innocent–had come to haunt him from the past. Even a wink or a gesture became a curse.

Every day, a new woman would come forward with fresh allegations and strengthen this belief. People began wondering why they had kept silent all these years.

Trump’s denials

In the beginning it seemed as if Trump’s denials were useless and his entire presidential campaign was in shambles.

He suddenly rebounded and gained more sympathy and more voters since a doubt had been cat over the authenticity of all these claims.

Clinton Strategy

At the end of the day, it was the Clinton strategy that allowed him not only to save face, but also his presidential campaign.

His rival Hillary Clinton’s husband had used the strategy to extricate himself in the face of a potentially ruining sex scandal.

In the wake of the Monica Lewinsky affair, Bill Clinton’s entire political career should have been destroyed. He simply denied the allegations. Right after that, he gained the highest approval rating of his career.

It proved that honesty was not an integral characteristic of US president as far as voters were concerned. Donald Trump learned this lesson and used it to his best advantage in order to cope with sex scandals.

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