Will Donald Trump Go Ahead With Muslim Registration Plans?

Muslim Registration is an issue that has been at the forefront of Donald Trump’s election campaign. While several would-be policies of the president elect have already been rules out, this one is still on the cards.

Muslim Registration Plans

Muslim Registration

Muslim registration in the US, was a highly controversial plan from the very beginning. It has been revealed by some sources that Trump is still interested in developing and maintaining a database of all Muslims residing in the US, and those seeking to enter it.

Similarities with the Holocaust

Many people haven’t hesitated to draw similarities between Trump’s targeting of Muslims, and the wholesale murder to Jews perpetrated by the Nazis during the holocaust.

There are fears that if such a database is developed, it could lead to wide scale internment of Muslims in the United States.

Such internment camps were established and the American administration during the Second World War. Japanese Americans were detained in these internment camps.

The widespread criticism has compelled Donald Trump to review some of his policies.

Registry based on religion

On Sunday, Reince Priebus stated in clear terms that there is going to be no registry based on religion.

He added that there were some people who had been radicalized. This did not mean that all Muslims were extremists. But there were some who must not be allowed to enter America.

Temporary ban on Muslims

Trump also put forward many other policies, one of which was to impose temporary ban on every Muslim who wanted to come to the US.

He also cited the term ‘extreme vetting’ of the refugees coming from the Middle East, since they posed serious threats to America and her citizens.

Several legal groups, human rights activists have warned that such actions may not be compatible with the constitution of America.

But, there are other people who are petrified of radicalized youth and what they can do. All these people have supported Donald Trump’s policies. They say that such measures are necessary for protecting Americans.

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