5 Laws That Might Change During This Presidential Term

With the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States, you can expect to see some changes in some federal laws.

5 Laws That Might Change During This Presidential Term

However, members of Congress must vote on any bill that is proposed before it can be enacted into law. This means that President Trump will only have so much power when it comes to passing certain laws, and all of his proposals may not be approved. Here are five laws that might change over the course of Trump’s presidency.

Mandatory Health Insurance

Under the current Obamacare law, all US citizens must have some form of health insurance or face certain penalties. President Trump believes that having health insurance should be a personal choice and wants to abolish this law. If this law is abolished and you decide to purchase private health insurance, you will be able to choose the amount of coverage you need from any insurance carrier.

Roe v. Wade

President Trump has expressed interest in overturning Roe v. Wade, which was enacted in 1973 to lift many of the restrictions that were placed on abortion. Overturning this law would block certain abortion services to women who want to terminate their pregnancies. Individual states would have the right to prohibit abortion. Justices of the Supreme Court who have more conservative beliefs could side with Trump and vote to have the current law overturned.

Concealed Firearms Restrictions

Certain restrictions on the right to carry concealed firearms could also be eliminated under Trump’s presidency. People in New York, California and a few other states that have strict gun-carrying laws may soon have the right to carry concealed firearms freely. Obtaining a concealed weapons permit would also be valid in all 50 states. Some lawyers and gun control advocates argue that lifting restrictions could be a threat to public safety.

Current Tax Regulations

President Trump hopes to change current tax regulations so that working and middle-income Americans can enjoy greater tax breaks. Parents would also be able to deduct childcare expenses from their taxes. Trump also wants to eliminate special interest loopholes and make the economy stronger by making business tax rates more competitive so that companies will want to keep more jobs in the US.

Libel Laws

Libel laws may also be changed so that lawsuits could be brought against news organizations more easily. If you had unfavorable and untrue stories printed about you, you would have more grounds to go to a law firm like Trammell & Mills Law Firm and sue the media source.

Some changes would need to be made to the First Amendment in order for this law to go into effect, but Trump has expressed a desire to implement it.

Even though President Trump wishes to change certain laws, he must go through the necessary channels in order to get approval. However, it’s likely that the laws discussed here will come into effect in the next few years.

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