President Trump manipulated facts to reach the White House – Obama

Barack Obama stated recently during a trip to Greece that President Trump had tapped into a ‘troubling strain of rhetoric’.

President Trump manipulated facts to reach the White House

He further warned against the hazards of crude nationalism which has been whipped up by Donald Trump using the fears of an average Americans regarding globalization.

How President Trump manipulated the public

Obama said that Trump was keen to use the fear and anger in the general American population. This anger was directed towards real or imagined threats emanating from globalization and increasing dependence on machinery.

The republicans also tried to manipulate facts regarding the American economy. Obama further elaborated that some of the things stated by Republican officials was very troubling since it was not based on hard facts.

However, they succeeded in mobilizing people with the help of this propaganda.

Populist Movements

Obama was quick to point out that many countries in the West were facing rise of populist movements, that are based on fear of increasing globalization.

People have become confused about their national identities and how they should cope with the changing world. This has played in the hands of the populist movements.

US Elections and Brexit

Obama urged world leaders to pay heed to the recent Brexit results, and the outcome of the US election, which showed how these populist movements are gaining ground.

Sometimes, these same movements become wrapped in religious and ethnic identities becoming a very combustible mix.

Caution against divisive trends

Obama cautioned the American public to raise their guards against the divisive trends that are currently prevailing in the US society.

But, he also vowed that he will keep working against such trends even after he has left the White House.

Frustration and anger

Obama tried explaining to the Europeans who are also being confronted with rising populist movements across the continent.

He also reiterated the belief that he had done a very good job in the White House. Europeans are worried that Trump may not be keen in keeping commitments with NATO.

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