CEO resigns posts threats about killing Trump

The CEO of a digital security company resigned after making repeated threats about killing Trump. The forced resignation came after the executive made these comments online.

killing Trump

Kill trump

However, the chief executive office of the company was forced to tender his resignation after he ranted several times about killing Trump.

While, these rants were very clear and the CEO did not try to veil them with minced words.

Donald Trump is the president elect of the US who will be the next occupant of the White House.

Killing Trump Facebook Posts

The founder and Chief Executive Officer of PacketSled, Matt Harrigan was forced to leave his post on Tuesday after it became known that he had posted many threats about killing Trump.

Matt Harrigan posts threats kill Trump

The posts opened an investigation into the issue by the Secret Service which led them to the San Diego based executive.

Explicit Threats

Harrigan explicitly threatened Donald Trump in his comments saying that he would kill him.

He further said that he was going to get a rifle and perch somewhere from where he could do the job. Harrigan said that no matter where Trump was hiding inside the White House, he would get him.

Taunting the President elect

Furthermore, Harrigan did not refrain from taunting Donald Trump and the security detail which is supposed to protect him. He ranted at length over the internet and also expressed disgust with his fellow Americans.

Swift Response

There was a swift response to the rant. Only hours after the comments, Harrigan was placed on leave by PacketSled. They also notified the Secret Service regarding the rants and how Harrigan had threatened to assassinate the president.

The company stated that it took these threats very seriously. Once it was aware of these posts, the company immediately let the Secret Service know about them.

The company further said that it was ready to cooperate fully with the investigation.

The comments made by the CEO did not reflect the views of its employees, partners or investors.

Harrigan made an attempt to play down the entire episode. He said that the rant was actually a joke.

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