Britain’s Separation from EU: What will come next?

Britain separation EU; Now, the British separation decision has been made through a referendum, the details of the several consequences have yet to come to light; however, this is much certain that the Brexit vote and Britain separation from the EU will have far-reaching consequences, especially in relation to Europe and the US.

Britain separation EU

David Cameron who wanted to continue Britain’s alignment with the EU has submitted his resignation. A regards the procedure, anyone intending to exit the EU bloc must let it be known to the 27 nations. A complex process starts which is present in the Article 50, when this article is invoked, a time of two years (or more) is allowed to iron out the issues regarding the departure of a member state.

Several politicians in the EU have made it clear that they want the United Kingdom out of the union as soon as possible. This would deter other members from taking the similar path in the hope of getting better deal.

Germany’s chancellor Angela Merkel has said that she would not want the exit talks to be “punitive”, but some analysts say that the same could be “punitive.”

The United Kingdom will have to discuss the free trade agreements with the bloc again. This may take years. Alternatively, the U.K may choose to trade under the rules of the ‘World Trade Organization’ allowing it to get access to the markets of other WTO member states.

One of the consequences is that Britain separation has made European politicians to believe that Scotland will also opt to get out of the EU in the near future.

Other countries of the European Union may try to impose harsh conditions on Britain, and limit its interaction with the bloc so as to make the latter an instance for other members which are considering separation from the EU.

In wake of the British decision to leave the EU, it will be much difficult for the European politicians to discourage the general population, which is fed up with business as usual inside the EU. So the EU could draw the wrong lessons from Britain’s exit.

Notably, recent violent protests against the labour laws might be cited as example, though the same were not related to the EU, but displayed anger of the people in relation to economic policies.

While, European leaders will have to acknowledge the divide between the elite class and the general masses, and have to do something for the betterments of the lower class.

Still, there is a struggle between the upper class or the elite and the lower class, as the former is part of globalization of economy in Europe and happy with the idea of an ever closer union, while others—lower class or the general masses who have a patriotic feeling do not favour integration of their own countries with the EU.

Besides, dilemma of the other EU states is increasing due to the European debt crisis which began at the end of 2009. Some countries like Greece feel that the EU is intimidating them politically, strategically, and economically.

Sooner or later, other member countries with large populations which do not want to continue integration of their states to the European Union could also demand a similar referendum like that of the UK.  People in France, Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands, Hungary, Poland and Austria are reluctant to maintain alignment of their countries with the European Union.

Therefore, drastic implication will be disintegration of the European Union.

Besides, the EU also faces other challenges like the refugee crisis sparked by refugees fleeing war and poverty in the vulnerable less developed countries, the Middle East, Russian interference in Ukraine and Greece’s weak economy etc.

President Barack Obama who was insisting upon London to keep aligned with the EU is trying to limit the fallout from Britain separation from the EU, which “threatens to harm the U.S. economic recovery and distract U.S. allies from global security issues”, as he said on June 24. 2016. On the same day, Donald Trump stated, British voters just shattered political convention in a stunning repudiation of the ruling establishment in a referendum…in November, the American people will have the chance to re-declare their independence.

Americans will have a chance to vote for trade, immigration and foreign policies that put our citizens first…people want to see borders. They don’t necessarily want people pouring into their country that they don’t know who they are and where they come from.” Hence, incase Donald Trump becomes American president, he will bring about more negative effects not only for the EU and American alignment with the former, but also for similar blocks of other continents of the world.

Analysts have also pointed out the political and economic implications of Britain separation from the EU by opining that some more countries could leave the EU, as there are also differences among the member states on the question of immigrant-laws and refugees. But, political experts did no talk about expulsion of the Muslims, Syrian refugees, ISIS, European home-grown terrorists, as in the recent past, these analysts were motioning amounting threat by these entities.

Now UK will fortify its political and economic relations with America to compete with the EU. If, EU member countries leave supporting American war in Syria, Britain will continue assisting Washington in this respect.

Similarly, in case, the EU countries which are struggling to maintain the European Union reduce their support to America against Russia. Anglo-American military alliance could be made by superseding NATO, as witnessed during the attack of Iraq in 2003. That US-British coalition would intensify Syrian war to castigate the Russian efforts for the political solution of the Syrian crisis, as both these countries want to overthrow President Assad’s government to obtain the goals of Tel Aviv.

Nonetheless, this drastic situation may culminate into nuclear war between Russia and the US-British alliance in wake of the new cold war led by Washington and Moscow.

Let us see and wait that after Britain separation from the EU, what will come next?

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