Will wave of terror continue in the US and Europe?

Will wave of terror continue in the US and Europe?; Apparently, there seems to be no way these attacks could be stopped.

Will wave of terror continue in the US and Europe?

The US terror attack in Orlando and the recent attack on Istanbul airport, coupled with attacks in Brussels and Paris have confirmed the fact that a new wave of terror has hit the US and Europe. It also seems that the waves of terrorism will continue for some time to come.

The recent wave of terror follows a pattern established in November last year through the Paris attacks and continued throughout Europe and America signaling the start of a prolonged struggle against this plagues both sides of the Atlantic.

In fact, the ensuing fight against terrorism will seem like a repeat of the bloody fight against the most notorious terror groups in Europe in the 70s and 80s: the Red Brigades and Baader-Meinhof.

The wave of terror that has recently targeted the Europe and US has come from the Islamic State which has become a global jihadist franchise owing to its remarkable success in creating a caliphate in Iraq and Syria.

In order to fight the recent wave of terror, Europe needs to first analyze the scope and complexity of the Islamic State network in the Western countries.

The police in Brussels and Paris did have some success in apprehending IS operatives, however, terrorists with Europe have also evolved over the past few years. They are using new techniques and methods. They also adapt their mode of operations in order to develop new and sophisticated methods of infiltration and attack.

US terror alerts and warning in the recent few days and Europe’s apparent inability to thwart them have made it clear that the law enforcement agencies are stretched to the limit.

Moreover, there is a growing consensus within the global community that novel strategies need to be created and implemented in order to address the conflicts and grievances that actually serve as the reasons leading to terrorism and extremism.

The recent wave of terror has also made it known that the Islamic State has shifted its focus towards multiple soft targets which are easy to attack and also strain the ability of the law enforcement agencies to respond to them. Examples of these kinds of attacks are the ones conducted in Paris in November last year.

Law enforcement agencies within the Europe and the US are aware that it is very difficult to stop such attacks but they do have the potential to bring to halt entire cities of millions for days.

Training’s have been carried out for developing specific techniques for combat allowing the cops to control confined spaces even if they are very big. However, in urban settings, it is very difficult to stop distributed attacks. And this is exactly what is worrying the EU and the US.

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