Why ISIS defeat NATO

Why ISIS defeat NATO; ISIS will attack NATO countries with impunity until article 5 is invoked.

Why ISIS defeat NATO

Only a few hours after the ISIS extremists killed 129 people at different locations in Paris including a packed soccer game, a concert and an outdoor cafe, the president of France declared that it was an act of war.

Francois Hollande used words that were the echoes of the defense provisions of the NATO. These provisions specifically state that if one of the members of the organization was attacked, it will be deemed an attack on all of them.

ISIS will defeat the NATO then and there because, despite these provisions, and an act of open war, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization simply did nothing. There were no emergency meetings of the member states.

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That same weekend, all of them assembled for a meeting of the G20 summit in Turkey, they failed to invoke the Article 5 that calls the NATO into action. This was a blatant breach of the very foundation on which NATO was formed.

Soon, French warplanes began attacking ISIS positions in Raqqa. But these attacks were carried out by France alone or rather the coalition which was a loose alliance of some willing nations. ISIS defeat of NATO was further enhanced by the fact that many nations in the coalition opted out in the very beginning.

Hollande held meetings with the presidents of Russia and America but these meetings had nothing to do with the NATO. In fact, Russia is not a NATO member. Contrary, it is seen by many members as a threat far greater than ISIS.

The press conference held by Barack Obama in after the G20 summit made it clear that America was not going to war with ISIS in the Middle East, so Hollande turned to Putin.

He also decided to invoke the article 42.7 of the Lisbon Treaty. It was an obscure article that called for assistance from all member states if one of them was a victim of aggression.

This only furthered the ISIS defeat of NATO by making it clear that the international community was not ready to go to war over the Paris attacks.

Of course, it also emboldened ISIS which carried out many attacks in Europe and America with the firm belief that it will not have to face the consequences of its actions.

Turkey has also endured several attacks by ISIS resulting in loss of many innocent lives. It did enhance Turkey’s resolve to fight the monster in its backyard, but ISIS defeat of NATO was complete when there was not a single response from its members after attacks in Turkey which was left to fight it alone at its borders.

It seems that NATO does not have the stomach to invoke article 5 in a meaningful manner. At least not yet which gives ISIS the impunity to attack its members whenever it chooses?

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