Who Supports ISIS (Islamic State)?

Who supports ISIS (Islamic State)? – Everybody who is only a little bit interested in wars would know that an army needs logistical support, if it wants to carry out a sustained military campaign.
Who supports ISIS? is a question that would lead us towards some very alarming conclusions.

Who Supports ISIS (Islamic State)?

Napoleon Bonaparte once said that an army marches on its stomach. He was referring to the extensive logistical work that needed to be accomplished when an army was on the move. If an army does not have the required supplies it would not be able to retain its fighting abilities.

The French in Russia, and the Germans after them suffered humiliating defeats by Russia since their supply lines were over extended and they became stranded. They were cut off from their supplies and annihilated by Russians.

The western journalists and policy makers seem to have ignored this very obvious lesson from history while they discuss the Islamic State group.

If such is the case with different wars of history against the non-state actors, how do we explain the continued fighting prowess of ISIS (ISIL or Daesh) in the face of Russian and American bombardment?

The ISIL is currently fighting the forces of Syria, Iraq and Iran, and managing to defeat all of them. It is being said that the outfit is still managing its finances through illicit oil trade and ransom payments.

Who Supports ISIS is a millions of dollars question. Right now, ISIL controls wide swathes of land in Syria and Iraq. It does not only control this area, but is also able to administer them just like a real estate.

Who Supports ISIS (Islamic State)?

With the support of American CIA, Israeli Mossad and some Arab countries have still been assisting the IS terrorists and rebel groups in order to obtain their secret designs. They are also supplying these militants arms and weapons to fight against the Russian-led forces in Syria and Iraq.

With the backing of Russian forces Damascus and Baghdad have retaken a number of territories from the hold of the ISIS. Recently, Iraqi forces recaptured the city of Fallujah.

When we come to the question of who is supplying weapons to ISIS, we must understand that the bulk of these weapons must be transported through convoys of trucks.

Who is supplying weapons to ISIS

Some analysts say, it would also mean that ISIS has supply lines that are intact despite continuous US and Russian bombardment. This brings us to the question which countries share borders with Syria and Iraq, and also have an interest in keeping ISIS supplies and fighting.

The connections between Israel and ISIS are no more hidden. We also know that Israel shares a border with Syria in the Golan Heights from where it can send convoys of trucks into the ISIS held territory. When we look into the matter closely, the idea would not seem so bizarre.

According to RT (Russian TV channel), Turkey that shares common border with Syria also provides ISIL with weapons, though Turkish forces continue shelling inside Syria against the Kurds. Another venue for weapons procurement is through the border with Jordan, but it is under the close watch of the Americans.

That leaves only the Golan Heights. The more you think about it, the more feasible the idea looks. Israel is reaping unprecedented rewards through the works of ISIS that it would like the extremist group to linger on in its backyard. A few days ago, there were also reports that militants from Syria are being treated in Israeli hospitals.

If these rumors are to be believed, it no more seems strange that especially Israel is supplying weapons and funding to ISIS through its shared border with Syria in order to pursue it own goals.

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