Russia Introduces Su-35s fighter Jets in Syria

A batch of 4 Su-35s is already enhancing Russia aerial campaign in the Middle East.

Russia Introduces Su-35s fighter Jets in Syria

Russian military sources have revealed that the latest Su – 35s multirole fighters are being used in the bombing campaign over Syria.

Russia is testing its latest next generation Su-35s fighters for the very first time in Syria. The Kommersant newspaper states that the General Staff had made the decision to use the brand new versions of its jets in combat operations in the Middle East.

The newspaper added that a batch of 4 jets had been handed over to the Russian forces last fall. A few days ago, these airplanes were transported to Hmeymim airbase near Latakia in the northwestern parts of the country. The transportation had taken place through Iran and Iraq.

The Su-35s is a one seater 4++ upgraded version of SU-27 fighter. The supermaneuverable Su-35s fighter jets have begun combat operations in Syria.

The defense ministry spokesman of Russia noted that fighter jets had been conducting mission over Syria with the help of obligatory covers offered by Syria and Russian fighters. A modern air defense system – S- 400 Triumf – was also protecting these assets.

The deployment of four Su-35s fighters to Syria has been confirmed by Russia recently. It is believed that these new jets have joined another batch of 4 su-30 SMs that were already present at the Hmeymim airbase.

The Su-35s features fifth generation technology making it superior to its 4th generation peer fighters that are being developed all over the world. The Su-35s clearly outperforms all the other multi-role fighter jets.

It is also believed that apart from the on-board armaments, Russia has additionally equipped its latest jets with new version of air –to-air and air-to-surface missiles. Two long range guided missiles are also part of its arsenal. The maximum load carried by Su-35s is around 8,000 kg. There are 12 weapon stations for parking this load.

The inclusion of these latest fighters will further enhance Russia’s position in the conflict. It is infact, Russian air cover that has allowed regime forces to carry out offensives in several parts of the country, and wrest control of several strategic areas from the rebels.

The 5 year old civil war in Syria has seen the regime through many crests and trough in its battle with the rebels. Before Russia entered the war at the behest of Bashar al Assad, the regime was cornered by rebel groups as well as the Islamic State. However, since Russia started its bombing campaign in September last year, the tide has once again turned in the favor of the regime.

While Russia has carried out a full military deployment in Syria, bringing in assets from parent bases, foreign supporters of the rebels are still shying away from providing them with much-needed cash and ammunition.

One of the most recent examples of Russia’s resolve is the introduction of its latest Su-35s fighters into the conflict. It is also believed that Russia is trying to change the situation on the ground before the commencement of Geneva talks so that it has more bargaining chips for Assad.

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