Terrible Bombing in Syria claims 70 of Lives

Islamic State claims responsibility for Sunday bombing in Syria.

Terrible Bombing in Syria claims 70 of Lives

Damascus, the Capital of Syria was rocked by a string of blasts in its outskirts. More than 70 people lost their lives due to these blasts that targeted the Shiite areas of the neighborhood. The responsibility for the latest bombing in Syria has been claimed by the Islamic State group. The ministry reported that more than 70 people were killed and several dozen injured due to the bombing in Syria.

Syria: Damascus blasts

Police has stated that the death toll may increase since some of the injured people are in a very critical condition. At least twenty militia members who had been fighting with the regime forces have also lost their lives due to this recent spate of bombings in Syria.

Lebanon’s Hezbollah – associated television network states that the bombing in Syria occurred in the Sayeda Zeinab district. One of the major Shiite shrine is also located within the same district.

The state news agency SANA reports that a group of militants detonated a car bomb near the shrine. When people gathered near the scene in order to rescue the victims of the blast, two more suicide bombers detonated their vests in the vicinity.

The state television also showed clippings of burnt cars and wrecked buildings. The southern part of the city was heavily populated increasing the fears of further deaths.

Eyewitness said that the damage of the bombings in Syria was compounded by the fact that there was a stall near the site that was selling gas tanks. One eye-witness stated that he saw a man with a suicide vest standing beside the gas tank stall. The eyewitness saw the attacker detonate his bomb, and a wide explosion.

Reuters reported that the Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attacks. Reuters has quoted the Amaq news agency as its source. The agency is affiliated with the extremist group.

Political commentator and journalist Alaa Ibrahim told Reuters that the scene of the blast was utterly devastating. The destruction of the area was complete despite that fact that it was thought a relatively safe place being secured by Hezbollah since 2013.

He further said that this may the way ISIS is responding to the recent loss of ground at the hands of the Syrian army in central Syria, Homs and Aleppo provinces.

The foreign policy chief of the EU stated that the bombing in Syria on Sunday may have been an attempt at sabotaging or disturbing the Geneva peace talks.

Syrian ambassador to the UN said that the bombing in Syria on Sunday clearly indicate that there is a connection between the opposition and terrorist groups.

Bombing in Syria took place as representatives of the regime and the opposition groups begin to gather in Geneva for peace talks mediated by the United Nations.

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