Syrian Army Advances claim territory from Islamic State

The Fars news agency of Iran reported Syrian army advances in different parts of the embattled country. These gains against the militants have been achieved with the help of Russian airstrikes.

Syrian Army Advances

Syrian Army Advances have been reported towards Daesh territory in Syria. The regime forces are backed by allied popular defense forces. The Syrian army advance is being carried out in the Eastern part of Hama province after the capture of several hilltops situated on a militarily important and strategic highway.

Iran’s Fars news agency has been reporting the Syrian army advances as the regime forces close in on Daesh. The army released a statement : Fars news agency reported : “The Syrian army troops in close coordination with the National Defense Forces (NDF) continued their advance towards the Salamiyah-Raqqa Highway, capturing several ISIL-held small hilltops,”

After the recent Syrian army advances, the regime is now in a position to assert its control over the Eastern parts of the Hama province. This will allow the regime to move towards Raqqa which is the de facto capital of the Islamic State.

On Wednesday, Syrian army advances and the popular forces assaults drove the militant fighters from more territories located in the Southern parts of the Hama province. This caused heavy losses on ISIS, the Fars agency reported.

Recent Syrian army advances came about in the wake of the Russian airstrikes that have been pounding ISIS positions in the same location. Airstrikes have also been targeting ISIS in Latakia, Damascus, Homs, Deir ez-Zor, Dara’a and Aleppo.

The official news agency of Syria SANA reported on Saturday that regime forces had discovered a lengthy tunnel between Housh Nasri and Housh al-Farah in the Douma Farms. The area is located east of the capital. Daesh is currently very active in the Damascus area. The tunnel was being used for transportation of weapons, machinery and militants.

The regime also reported that it has destroyed many command centers of the militant fighters in the Hama countryside as well as in the Idlib province during the past 24 hours including a command and control position of the Ahrar al-Sham group in Hama. A command center of the Al-Nusra front was also destroyed in the town of Lataminah. Syrian army advances were also reported in the areas of Deir ez Zor and Homs.

It is also reported that an alliance of Kurds and Arabs, the Syrian Democratic alliance had also seized the Tishreen Dam along the Euphrates River. The Tishreen Dam, located in the Northern parts of Syria, was previously in control of the Islamic State.

The spokesman of the Syrian Democratic Alliance Tala Sello said that scores of IS militants were killed in the fighting for the Tishreen dam which was seized by the terrorist group during an assault last year.

The Syrian civil war that erupted in 2011 after government crackdown on peaceful protestors has claimed more than 250,000 lives. More than half of the population of Syria has also been displaced.

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