Clinton Sanders Clash to Focus on the Charleston Loophole

Democratic Party leaders will highlight the gun control loophole during the Clinton Sanders clash so that the position of both candidates with regard to the gun policy becomes clear to the electorate.

Clinton Sanders Clash

Members of the Democratic Party are bracing themselves for a Clinton Sanders clash regarding the gun control. The site for the next round of fight is Charleston, South Carolina where nine church members from the Afro-American community were shot dead during the month of June 2015.

The venue for the upcoming Clinton Sanders clash is only a block from the Emanuel A.M.E. Church – the site of the devastating tragedy. This has surely contributed to the heightening of emotions that surround the gun policy.

However, the crux of the Clinton Sanders clash is a new point that will put the latter on the defensive: the 1993 vote on the Charleston Loophole. This is why Clinton has publicly stated that Sanders is not in step with the president Barack Obama and the Democratic Party as regards the gun control policy.

It will become a major issue during the Clinton Sanders clash. Hilary Clinton has become more aggressive in the wake of the evaporation of her lead in Iowa and New Hampshire. She intends to snatch Sanders’ democratic voters. It will also shore up support for Clinton in South Carolina. Clinton is already leading the polls here by a heavy margin.

Clinton and other members of the Democratic Party have already noted for a long time that Sanders had voted for a loophole which allowed individuals to buy guns within a single day of starting the process with complete disregard to the background check status.

This measure has been tied to Charleston because Dylann Roof was the person who took advantage of the same loophole to buy the gun that was used in the shooting in June. The same measure was finally tweaked to cover a 3 day waiting period instead of just 1). However this vote has only recently become the center point of the Clinton Sanders clash.

The Charleston loophole has already been considered a loophole in Sanders record. Hilary will point this out during the Clinton Sanders clash. It is not unfair to ask anyone how much does he or she support the expansion of background check which he / she didn’t even vote for in the first place.

Sanders’ campaign is aware that the loophole will surely become a flash point in the Clinton Sanders clash. People in South Carolina are also taking the issue very seriously since the shooting occurred in June. The Senator will have to make it clear we he stands as regard this issue.

On the other side, Hilary has linked herself with the White House which is very actively focusing on gun control. There have been a series of statements as well as an advertisement; Hilary is going to highlight the difference between the gun policies of the incumbent president and Senator Sanders.

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