The Failures of US Policies

The current US administration has suffered a string of setback in its foreign as well as domestic policies. The failures of US policies are a subject that is being studied with great zeal all around the globe these days.

The Failures of US Policies

Despite being the sole superpower in the world, the US has presently no political capital left either in Europe or the Middle East–the two areas that are considered crucial to the US foreign policy.

America’s failed foreign policy is, of course not to be blamed all the current upheavals in the Middle East since the seeds of this turmoil were actually planted by the French and the British when they carved up the remnants of the ailing Ottoman Empire between themselves.

However, we cannot ignore the fact that Obama failed policies have rendered the region more unstable than it was when the incumbent president came to power.

Failures of US policies are based on a poorly defined and contradictory set of rules for engagement with different countries that have left America in the Limbo. America’s long term partners are becoming aware that their friend cannot be trusted in the times of crisis.

There were historically two principles that have governed America’s military policy and foreign policy: The first and the most important principle was the unhindered flow of oil from within the region, and to stop the creation of a single power in the region that could disrupt this very important supply towards the countries of the West.

America also wanted to make sure that the conflict between Israel and its Arab neighbor did not get out of control. Over the past few decades, America strictly adhered to these principles and the Middle East did not burst until Obama’s predecessor, George Bush decided to overthrow Saddam Hussein of Iraq and disband his army.

This culminated in hundreds of thousands of highly trained soldiers of his army losing their jobs. Later, these soldiers ganged up with extremist organizations and formed the most fearsome terrorist group the world has ever seen: the Islamic State.

The failures of US policies are not confined to the Middle East only. In domestic matters, the US administration has also been a resounding failure. Take for example the gun control failure.

The white supporters of Gun laws view the Second Amendment as one of the cornerstones of the American way of life. Whenever, president Obama tries to bring gun laws to the fore, they deem it an attack on the basic rights.

America is being daily hit by sporadic gun attacks, yet Obama and his administration cannot do anything about the Gun laws and the arms companies that are making billion of dollars in profit. This is one of the lasting legacies of failures that Barack Obama will have to live with.

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