Donald Trump Presents ‘America first’ Foreign Policy Plan

The New York businessman declares that the current US administration is plagued by weakness, confusion and disarray. In a key foreign policy plan speech, Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump declared that America is at war with radical Islam.

Donald Trump Presents ‘America first’ Foreign Policy Plan

Moreover, he also presented an outline to obliterate the Islamic State and support the Christians of the Middle East. Trump further stated that if he managed to win the presidency, his first priority would be to revamp the American foreign policy and build the army.

He declared that under his aegis, the US military would become so strong that no one would dare even think about attacking it. The speech was made right after Donald Trump achieved resounding victories in five Northeastern States of America bringing him much closer to grabbing the Republican nomination for the US presidency.

He said that American military dominance in the entire world must be absolute. Talking about the Islamic State, the billionaire businessman announced that the days of the extremist group were numbered.

He vowed that America will defend the Christians of the Middle East for whom no one had done anything before. Christians were left to wither persecution and genocide at the hands of the extremist elements within the region.

Trump further said that the time for nation building was over. It was time to stabilize the world. This may be seen as a statement which does not entirely confirm with the Republican thought.

The outspoken Republican politician criticized the incumbent president labeling him as a weak and confused person. He further said that Obama’s foreign policy plan was in complete shambles. He also accused the current US administration of bringing the ‘Muslim brotherhood’ to power in Egypt.

Another point that Donald Trump tried to hammer home was that America’s allies need to bear at least some of the financial burden of their own defense. He added that the countries that America was defending must pay the cost of this defense. If these countries are not willing to pay this price, they must be ready to defend themselves.

Donald Trump was using a teleprompter during the recent speech. He seems to be trying to broaden his appeal to the American masses. Mr. Trump made it clear that under his leadership, America will develop and maintain better relations with China and Russia.

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