Republican GOP Debate bares the true face of Donald Trump

The business tycoon from New York not only tried to humiliate his party members during the Republican GOP debate, but also unfairly criticized the president. He also defended his stance about banning Muslims from America.

Republican GOP debate

The Republican Party’s leading candidate Donald Trump has been the subject of criticism not only from different social groups but also from some of his own party members for his outspoken remarks about Muslims.

Only previous week, while the president of the United States was addressing fellow American in the State of the Union, he specifically made remarks about the outspoken business tycoon. He was also scathed by Nikki Haley, a Republican from South Carolina, for some of his blunt remarks.

This is not all, Donald Trump has offended the conservatives within his own partly by taking issue with Ted Cruz over his alleged presidential eligibility questions. Ted Cruz has also targeted Trump, and some of his policies and remarks.

During the Thursday’s Republican GOP debate Trump made it clear that he is neither apologetic nor ashamed of his remarks or behavior. Of course, this is something that has paid him well at the polls and obviously he is not going to abandon this approach in the short term.

The Republican GOP debate in Charleston, South Carolina was carried out amid very heavy security. Trump was as aggressive as ever. He said without hesitation: “I’m very angry will gladly accept the mantle of anger.”

This remark had come as a response to Nikki Haley’s words in which she called Americans to ignore the loudest and the angriest voices.

Donald Trump’s firm and, at times un apologetic approach towards criticism has until now worked well for him. During the Republican GOP debate, he took the same approach. At some instances, the New York based businessmen made shrewd remarks about the 9/11 attacks in order to gain sympathy from the public.

During the Republican GOP debate, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz had a row over the remarks that the latter could not serve as the president of the United States owing to his birth outside the US. Later, during the debate, Trump accepted frankly that he had raised the eligibility issue only to discredit him with the pollsters.

However, Trump did say that Republican Party will do much better without Cruz. He said:”Here’s the problem win. I choose [Cruz] as my vice president. The Democrats sue because we cannot take him along for the ride. I don’t like that.”

During the same GOP Republican debate, Ted Cruz was confident enough to brush aside Trump’s remarks about him being unable to run for the president. He said that it was only political mimicry that would do Trump no good. He said that he was as much American as Donald Trump.

The tussle between the two candidates was finally broken by the host who said that the candidates should focus on the points about most important points of the coming election.

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