Donald Trump Tussled Against Latino Media Reporter Jorge Ramos

Donald Trump is considered to be the dominant runner and most prominent candidate for the President race this year. But the latest conference shows a dramatic incident when one of the Univision famous and notorious anchors Jorge Ramos had a huge conflict with the front-runner Donald Trump last Tuesday. The incident happened when he called the reporter to get out and go back to Univision.

Donald Trump Tussled against Latino Media Reporter Jorge Ramos

There was a common observation that Ramos always like Trump for his hostile style and he always admired him of his solid and stud personality. Ramos was also like Donald so he didn’t back down till he was guided out of the room by security. Finally Ramos after some time was asked back where he argued with Trump over the Republican nominee’s immigration suggestions.

With the passing time in this election campaign Trump has some high-profile quarrels with media reporters lately, battling openly with different News Channel anchors like Megyn Kelly and now the path turns to one of the biggest network’s chairman Roger Ailes.

Ramos is a very significant character in media for American Latinos. Ramos has many followers and conferring to newly published research the GOP’s presidential candidate need to turn the Latino community to his side to make a prominent position in this election. Any candidate who desires a win must turn nearly half of the Latino vote on his side to make it to the White House.

A clear example of this situation is the last election when President Obama won reelection with 71% of the Latino vote. It is clear that Ramos has his own agenda to immigration matters.

Ramos made a strong reputation among Latino community has reliably used his place to push hard for immigration development. In this year Ramos not only defended his attention on immigration in a letter to clear his point of view to Republicans but also stood up many times for the Latino Community.

Ramos has been unrepentant about his actions and the network’s position. Latinos always see him as a leader and this has also proved by a survey which shows 38% of Latinos deliberated Ramos a main Latino leader.

The network Univision also considers Ramos right on this matter calling Trump’s activities beyond disapproval. Ramos leaves his first journalism job at a Mexico TV station after his bosses wanted him to be soft about the Mexican government. Mr. Trump made complete disrespect for him by doing such actions.

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  • Ramos was rude. Trump asked him repeatedly to wait his turn. It was gracious of Trump to allow Ramos back in and to take several of Ramos’s questions while Ramos continued to be rude by talking over Trump’s answers.