Ted Cruz Political Approach towards Donald Trump

Donald trump once again make his way to the opponent hearts and he seems to do it before. Ted Cruz one of the greatest rivals of the Donald Trump and make way to the final race of the President but still agrees with what is right or wrong.

Ted Cruz Political Approach towards Donald Trump

On the other hand America is eating up all about Donald Trump as he endures to flow atop the 2016 GOP field and on Sunday according to him voters shouldn’t suppose him to modify his style during Thursday’s on-air debate. Sen. Ted Cruz rained praise on primary rival Donald Trump Sunday, making a point to contrast him with the numerous 2016 Republican presidential candidates who have been abruptly serious of the real estate mogul.

It seems that things are running quite differently and tricky. The most common point you can put your finger on are the few members of this ground have criticized Donald Trump. On top of that a lot of people in the media have requested Ted Cruz if he will do the same. According to the Senator:

I always admire Donald for his bold and courageous act. Many have been pleased to admire Donald Trump for saying out confidently and forcefully and for concentrating on illegal immigration.”

On another occasion in an interview with media Cruz added that there was a motive for his comments to criticize Trump as he was referring to late President Ronald Reagan’s “11th Commandment contrary to make aggressive and offensive comments other Republicans.

It seems that Trump has rushed to the top of race of the running presidency despite of all his dirty talks and accusing and pointing towards fellow senators. He also gets a hefty reaction for saying that Mexico is directing drugs and rapists to the United States over illegal immigration.

Cruz told that when Reagan expressed the 11th Commandment bit it didn’t show that shalt not ever affect with another Republican. He didn’t compromise precise cases of where he differed with Trump.

As a matter of fact he did say however that he would emphasis on material and policy when assessing his GOP prime opponents.

Experts are saying that Cruz remarks exemplify his plan of running as an impenitent traditional presidential candidate who’s keen to depict the rest of the field as soggy on questions significant to primary voters. With there is very short time left in the coming elections, everyone is finalizing their final strategy.

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  • Ted is just in a hurry to praise Trump before he finds what to say about corrupted latinos or just homophobic people during the debates, as Trumps definitions tend to stick to their ‘victims’.

  • I love Ted Cruz, and Trump might appoint him as his vice.

    Notice how Trump separates the good Tea Party Republicans from the establishment bad ones.

  • Ted Cruz told Politico he would focus on substance and policy when he criticizes and of his GOP opponents.

    If the rest of the GOP field doesn’t start focusing on substance and policy they can forget about beating Hillary next year.

  • The so called “base” of the Republican consists of right wing people who think Sarah Palin was, in fact, the smartest and most brilliant candidate for VP McCain could have picked.

    So, when we see polls that have Trump on top for 2016 in the GOP race, should it be all that surprising? The fact is close to 30% of the current Republican Party members self-identify as beliving Obama is a Muslim, that he wants to destroy Christianity by bringing Sharia Law the the US and that he is deliberately flooding the country with Latinos to get more votes.

  • “…The so called “base” of the Republican consists of right wing people who think Sarah Palin was, in fact, the smartest and most brilliant candidate for VP McCain could have picked….”

    Sadly, McCain was a poor choice for HER to pick ! Not that you can afford to say “No!” for VP….