Donald Trump Calls For Ban all Muslims Entering US

The leading Republican Party contender for becoming the party’s presidential candidate, Donald Trump calls for ban all Muslims entering US. Trump called for a complete and total shutdown of American borders to all Muslims. This came in the aftermath of the terrorist attack in San Bernardino.

Donald Trump Calls For Ban all Muslims Entering US

The pledge from the usually outspoken Trump is regarded as the most extreme to date. He has also previously blurted out like remarks on immigration and racial issues. The statement was released through his media campaign team.

Donald Trump further said that Muslims all over the world hated Americans which has made it imperative to shut America’s face on them en masse until the problem was sorted out.

The presidential candidate said that until Americans could understand this problem and its dangerous aftermath, the country cannot let it become a victim of heinous attacks by people who believe in a distorted ideology and offer no sense of respect for humanity and human life.

Donald Trump call for ban all Muslim entering US came only hours before the billionaire real estate developer was expected to attend a rally on a WWII aircraft carrier, USS Yorktown. The carrier is berthed in South Carolina. The choice of the venue for the address was deliberately chosen to coincide with the attack on Pearl Harbor.

The Japanese attack brought America into the Second World War
Donald Trump said that his proposal may not be correct politically but he did not care. Offering justification for such and extremist remark, Donald Trump turned to what he revealed as the polling data which did show Muslims violent hatred towards Americans.

The statement, however, cited the Center for Security Policy which an organization already labeled as an extremist outfit by anti-race campaigners. Calling for a ban on all Muslims entering US, the Republican candidate further stated that the shariah allows acts of murder again people of other faiths who refuse to convert. These things pose a real and present danger to the Americans.

The reality TV star opined that the hatred was unbelievable and incomprehensible. The Democratic Party was quick to condemn Trump on his remarks. Politicians from both parties followed suit.

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