Google Nexus 5x Review

Though many are of the opinion that Google should start off with its own hardware devices that are best suited for its operating system, Android the closest one could get is the Nexus. Nexus 5x is a Google attempting to make up for the disappointment many mid range users felt with Nexus 6. This latest model is released with LG hardware and the design looks much similar to what Moto Nexus was. This indicates that Google has maintained its design between the two models. This article gives you an in-depth Google Nexus 5x review.

1: Design:

First mention in the Google Nexus 5x review is its design. With its 5.2 inch screen it is definitely more convenient to hold on to the phone in one hand compared to Google Nexus 6. The phone is light due to its plastic panel and it comes in matte finish colours of black, white and greenish blue. The screen of the phone spills over slightly to the edges. Though it is convenient to swipe across the screen while using it in one hand, it can get a bit daunting to continually use it with one hand. Another observation is that, the phone looks nothing like a LG handset and more or less resembles what the Moto Nexus used to look like.

Google Nexus 5x Review Design

2: Google Nexus Imprint:

The second feature worthy of being mentioned in Google Nexus 5x review is this brand new feature. Nexus Imprint is a uniform Android fingerprint sensor that is being introduced with Nexus 5x. It rivals the similar feature on iPhones.

Google Nexus 5x Review Imprint

3: USB-C Port:

Nexus has moved on to USB-C port, with this it promises to charge your phones much faster and a 10 minute worth of charging promises to give battery life of up to four hours.

Google Nexus 5x Review USB-C Port

4: Camera:

The next noteworthy thing to mention in this Google Nexus 5x review is the camera. The camera is known to be of 12.3 MP. What truly differentiates it is that it is a 1.55 micron pixel which is much more than the usual cameras. It captures more light and is well suited for indoor, low light photography, which sets it apart from the other nexus phones.

Google Nexus 5x Review Camera

5: Software:

The much awaited feature to be mentioned in this Google Nexus 5x review is the Marshmallow software that is being introduced in Nexus 5x. Marshmallow or Android 6.0 is the latest operating system upgrade that promises various things like longer battery life, better navigation and many more new features.

Google Nexus 5x Review Software

Google Nexus 5x is definitely worth checking out due to these promising features and advantages. It is however not the best Android phone in the market. It is one of the best amongst the mid-range models.

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